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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bag Project 2 - T-Shirt Bag with Magnetic Snap

I sewed another T-Shirt bag.. 

For instruction, please see link posted in my previous post.  

It was sewn from the below T-Shirt from my sister in-law.   Too small for me and decided to turn it into a bag for her.

I have attached a magnetic snap for the bag following the instruction link posted in   The lining is also from T-Shirts and I have strengthened the magnetic snap area with a strip from a thicker T-Shirt.

If you have old T-Shirts and can't find a new owner for them..   this is a good way to give them a new life.   :)

Thanks to all the wonderful people who have shared their experiences and the nice tutorials.


Anonymous said...

baguss!!!gud idea=)

Anic said...

:) Thank you.. I have sewn 4 T-Shirt bags and will continue to sew more.. boleh bagi kat kawan-kawan atau relatives. :) I hope this will help reduce plastic usage.

Lynn Nasir said...


such a nice projects, i've been wanting to make a fabric bag for shopping since last year, but haven't gotten the chance yet. i just made a diaper bag tho :DDD

Anic said...

Hi Lynn,

:) Thank you.

Diaper bag is probably more important for you.. :)

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