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Monday, October 1, 2012

Bag Project 19 - Sewing Notions Box

My 10th project with Alice Peng's sew along...   Another one with cord piping.    Wanted the box to stand well, I used very hard stabiliser...   so difficult to sew at the corner.   Not so much about the ability of the sewing machine sewing thick material, but more of ensuring edges of all layers line up exactly...

A few photos which hopefully explain the technique I was taught on how to do cord piping which cover a full square/rectangular/circle:

 First, find out the length of bias tape

 Remove the clip and sew the 2 ends together...   See step 5 here :

Now, we have the right length of bias tape with 2 ends sewn.

  Baste it..  and then put the cord in the middle and fold the bias tape into half..

Baste it again but make sure you leave a few centimeters not basted at the 2 ends of the cord

Hand sew the 2 ends of the cord together....

Baste the 2 ends....

I hope the above pictures are useful to you....  

When sewing the pieces together, it is very important that edges of all pieces line up correctly.

Useful reference links for adding piping to bag:
2)!xIaEdO2eGRxklvw1H5zeF_4S/article?mid=57805  - this one shows how to join the 2 ends without overlapping..   I don't have the fanciful double sided tape,  I just use pin or clips... 

Update:  Mila, I use adjustable zipper foot, either one of below.   You could also use the normal zipper foot.


Green Idea 3 - Making your own deodorant... 3

I have been using homemade deodorant:

With the same recipe, today I made another batch...   The last batch I made has lasted me 18 months including sharing some with a friend and I just stored it in a small jam glass jar I recycled.   This time, I poured the mixture into 20 gram lip balm tubes, easier to use..  :)  

The link to the recipe in case you want to try:  :)


Link Within

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