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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wallet Project - 8... part 2

How many clips do I need to bind the bias tape?  As many as I have.. :)

A very good post on how to attach the 2 ends of bias tape neatly by Alice Peng :

Another useful post on creating the card compartments quickly by Alice Peng:

Good to use all the clips I have,  this time I only need to sew the bias tape once... .not perfect... but happy with the result.. :)

I should try hard to keep this one for my own use..  :)


Friday, September 9, 2011

Wallet Project - 8

I have been away past 2 weeks and now that I am back...  I have to sew something..  :)

My work in progress, Wallet cum Passport holder.   The same design as Wallet Project - 6  with another fabric print. The one made earlier has already gone to a friend.

Meet my new friend, the basting-tacking gun (the blue one on the right)..  :)   I don't do big quilting job..  so, have to make good use of all the small opportunities I have..  :)  use the basting gun on a small quilt wallet... LOL.  :)

Learn more about basting gun:
1)  or
without youtube access :!nA5FQ1jCQkNHYwJgqc9F1w--/article?mid=6423&prev=6444&next=6352
3)  --  This is where I got my basting gun.

Another tool, the plastic pattern sheet on the left.   For pattern which I use a few times, I use plastic sheet so that it is long lasting...  

Something like this, but the one I used is thinner... so cheaper...

Bye now,

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