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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sew Along - Patchwork Wallet (Updates from Participants)

All post related to this sew along, here.

How many more steps have we made? :)

Mira Udin's:

This is mine :)

Looking forward to seeing more progress from my other fellow sew along friends:

Mila's week 1 update,  hop over to her blog to find out more:

How about Sue?  :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brother Sewing Machine NV10 and NV90E on sales...

Price for NV10 is RM899 instead of RM1099, I think this is very good price..   this is now the price across all brother agents...

If you are thinking to buy a sewing machine, you could consider this..

Comparisons among a few brother models:

Price for NV90E is RM1499 instead of RM2999....  This is embroidery machine...  I want one...  :)

Warmest regards,

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wallet Project - 7

I made another wallet...  this is the third one in a row...  :)

I like the fabric very much..  They are fabrics of 20*25cm I bought from China website.

Really challenging making this one.  It has 8 card compartments, 2 notes compartments and a zipper pocket for coins:

One useful thing I learnt, Adjustable Zipper Foot is handy in sewing bags, and wallets...  If we use the multipurpose foot, like the below, thick fabric get stuck at the black screw:

But if I use Adjustable Zipper Foot instead... the left side of the foot is clear, so no worries of fabric being stuck with the foot.   This idea came from Taiwanese Patchwork Crafter Alice Peng, who has published a few books.

Image borrowed from Internet

I have made 3 wallets in a row.  Here are the other 2.   I already found 1 owner for the second one below..   Thinking maybe I could organise a swap for the above and the below wallets..  :)

Have a good evening,

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sew Along - Patchwork Wallet (Week 4)

All post related to this sew along, here.

Week 4 - 25th - 31st July (Putting everything together, Picture 11, 12, 13)

Cut 2 pieces of 9.5 CM (H) * 25 CM (W), add interfacing to 1 piece, wrong side facing each other, sew all around.   This is the back piece for  the  card compartments & zipper pocket.   Sew the pockets to the back piece and add 2.5 CM  (before ironing) bias tape to the top.   

Fabric piece for snap is made from 7.5CM * 5.5 CM.  

How to attach snap here
Attach the snap fabric piece to the outer fabric and attach bias tape of 4CM (width before ironing) all around.

For technique of attaching bias tape, please see tutorials I referred in my past post: No 5 of

Yipee...   :)  completed wallet...

Found a way of attaching the 2 ends of bias tape neatly but a bit more work, see step 5 in Google translated tutorial here:

Happy completing the wallet,
Anic :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sew Along - Patchwork Wallet (Week 1 Updates from Participants)

All post related to this sew along, here.

Where are we now?  :) 

Most of us have completed our outer fabric for the wallet.    It is not late yet if you would like to join us.  :)


Gee Rms':

SewLove's week 1 update in her blog:

Mila's week 1 update,  hop over to her blog to find out more:

This is mine :)

Sue, don't panic...  take your time... :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sew Along - Patchwork Wallet (Week 3)

All post related to this sew along, here.

Sharing the notes ahead of schedule in case you need it sooner...   :)   It is ok to do it next week.. :)

Week 3 - 18th - 24th July (Making the zipper compartment, Picture 7, 8, 9 10)

To create the zipper pocket, cut 2 pieces of 9CM(H) * 17CM (W),  Add a thin interfacing to only 1 side.   Note that the zipper is facing down and the print you like for the front of the pocket should be on the bottom.

Use the zipper foot and have the edge of zipper foot line up with the edge of the seam.  Turn the right side facing out and then top stitch.   The zipper used here is 10 CM and I trimmed the tail a little so that it is about 1 CM from the last part of the zipper.

Fold near the beginning the zipper and top stitch like the following.  You should have about 5 cm from the left.

The back piece of zipper pocket should be 9.5CM(H) *12.5 CM (W).  Please note that the picture has a different size..  I have her book to verify this..  :)   Have the zipper piece insert in between the 2 back pieces. Author suggested to add interface to one of the back piece.   I didn't do as I think there is enough thickness.  :)

Note that the beginning of  the zipper should be inserted in between of the 2 back pieces as well.    I made a mistake here!  and have to unpick.

The rest the tutorial's picture is quite clear..  :)

Updated 12 July:   Trying to post photos with the right steps this time.

Make sure the metal piece of the zipper is slightly away from the side so that top stitch is possible later.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sew Along - Patchwork Wallet (Week 2)

All post related to this sew along, here.

Week 2 - 11th - 17th July (Making card compartments, Picture 5, 6)

Create the card compartment as in picture 5, total size of the fabric for the card compartments should be 42 cm (H) * 11 cm (W) .  (42 cm is  longer than what we need, but better to have it slightly longer.)

You need to have the fabric print in top to bottom direction of the 42cm.   There is interfacing for this piece.  It should be a very very thin one (one which is almost transparent)....   If you don't have a thin one, then it maybe better not to add then adding...   The final size of the card compartments is 9.5 cm (H) * 10.5 cm (W).

Add a lining of the same size (9.5 cm (H) * 10.5 cm (W) to the back of the card compartments piece.   This piece does not need interfacing.

At the right side, add bias tape (tape width of 2.5cm before ironing).

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sew Along - Patchwork Wallet (Week 1)

Let's sew along... :)

Sharing the notes for week 1 - 4th - 10th  July (Creating the outer piece, Picture 2, 4 & 4)

Please note that 0.7cm seam allowance has been added to the outer fabric pieces in the picture.

The author's suggestion is to add batting & fabric interfacing to the outer fabric.  First layer, outer fabric, followed by batting (the thinner the better.. :)  mine is < 1.5mm), then fabric interfacing (just a thin one will do).   The thickness is my suggestion.. :)  Not by the Author...  in case I suggested wrongly, don't want to affect the author's reputation.   :)  Quilt as you like.  :)   Then cut the piece into the size of  11 cm (H) * 25 cm (W).  

Actuall, you could do any type of patchwork to get the final outer fabric of size of 11 cm * 25 cm, so you can have fun using up your scraps..  :)

The pieces of scrap you like most should form the right side of the outer fabric, so that it will be facing you when the wallet is closed.   

I didn't think about this earlier...  and now the side I was planning as front will be at the back:

Scrap from MyBotang
I found if I follow the sizes of the pieces in the tutorial,  some pieces are bigger than what we need...  I memang kedukut.. :)  So, I just made the pieces sewn together give me the final size about 1-2 cm bigger then 11 cm (H)  x 25 cm (W).   :)  and I just added the pieces as I liked..  :)  

Attach the button piece.  The button piece could be made from fabric, no need to buy lather made if you don't have one.. :)  If you are making the button piece from fabric, this can be attached later, but you will need to attach the snap on one side first.  

Snap location at 2.5 CM from right
If you are making your own fabric piece for snap,  snap location on the outer fabric is 2.5 cm from the right side.    After you have attached the snap on the outer fabric, then sew  a piece of lining of the same size to the back of the outer fabric.

The fabric piece for the other side of the snap button is 5.5 CM * 7.5 CM.    Fold into half (5.5CM into half), right side inside.  Then sew the side seam, iron open the seam, place the open seam in middle and iron the 2 sides.  Sew one end and turn right side out. Top stitch.  Add the other side of snap.  Keep this for later use.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sew Along - Patchwork Wallet (Planning)

Thanks to fellow crafters who have joined me in this Patchwork Wallet Sew Along...    Still not late to join.... :)   I have created a group in FB for sharing of photos and discussion for this sew along.  Please join the group if you wish to join the sew along.

Mila -
Gee rms

Pictures from the Tutorial by Lin Su Ling:

I like how Sue organised her Sew Along..  so, borrowing her style.  :)

Please see below for suggested schedule, of course you could always complete the wallet in a day..:)
1)  Week 1 - 4th - 10th  July (Creating the outer piece, Picture 2, 4 & 4)
Please note that 0.7 cm seam allowance has been added to the outer fabric pieces.

2) Week 2 - 11th - 17th July (Making card compartments, Picture 5 & 6)

3) Week 3 - 18th - 24th July (Making the zipper compartment, Picture 7, 8, 9 10)

4) Week 4 - 25th - 31st July (Putting everything together, Picture 11, 12, 13)

I will share notes for each week...

Have a good week,

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sew Along Invitation... Patchwork Wallet

Interested in making this adorable patchwork wallet by Taiwanese Author Lin Su Ling?

Pictures from the Tutorial:

Please leave a comment if you would like to sew along.  If there is enough interest, I will organise one and provide translation help along the way..  :)

Participants List:

Wish you a very good Sunday, bye,

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wallet Project - 6

I made this wallet with pattern from a book I have and it turns out to be too big for normal use...

I figured I could use it as passport folder and there is more than sufficient room for 2 passports!  :)

There are also 6 card compartments and a compartment for notes..  Happy.  :)

The card compartments and the lining are of 1 piece of fabric.

See below tutorial for the technique of folding card compartments from 1 piece of fabric, the 4th image:

This tutorial is almost exactly the same pattern I used for my earlier wallet...  Didn't see this then.   If there is interest, I could arrange a sew along for the above tutorial...  :)

This time round, I have issues with attaching snaps nicely.  Finally I found out why. The snap buttons came with the tools and the additional snap buttons I bought actually are not the same size! The bright silver colour snaps work well with the tool but I couldn't attach the bronze ones nicely.. it works but it is difficult to unsnap.   The middle tool below insert nicely into the centre of bright silver snaps, but the other one missed by 1mm!

It is possible that I need other snap attaching tool to attach the bronze one...    The only way to figure this out is to buy the other tool which I don't have.   But now, I don't know if I have 633 or 831..  :(

Will report about this when I find out.

Bye now and have a good weekend,

Punky's Pads- Cloth Pads Giveaway (until July 7)

Punky's Pads is doing a giveaway...

A set of 3 gorgeous LINERS!  :)  3!! not 1 :)

Image From Punky's Pads Blog..

To enter:

Good luck and have a good weekend,

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