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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Health Tips 1 - Seaweed Jelly (Good collagen source)

I am taking a little break from sewing..  :)    A short post about something I use in my cooking which is very rich in calcium, collagen and other minerals. 

Seaweed Jelly is actually Eucheuma Seaweed.   Some peope call it Sea Bird's Nest.  Apparently it's collagen content is 10 times higher than bird's nest (but a lot cheaper than bird's nest) and it's calsium content is 37 higher than fish liver.  A packet of Seaweed Jelly (can't remember the weight) is a few RM in organic shop.  Not a big packet but you get quite a lot of seaweed jelly.   I haven't checked out at other shop.

Collagen is very popular as the solution for a younger looking, wrinkles-free skin. :)  Around 75% of our skin is made of collagen.  It is also important for many parts of the body to function properly such as bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc..

One seller said:  "SEA BIRD'S NEST" is called ladies' cosmetic food as it helps to improve skin care and hair fall problem.  If consume continuously everyday, it can reduce Wrinkles, Black spot, freckles, Acnes and sensitivity symptoms.  (Really?  I better eat frequently.. :) )

But I eat it not for skin care instead I am hoping that I am able to maintain a healthy level of collagen in the body..  age is catching up.. :)

This is how it looks like.
You need to soak it so that it becomes jelly like looking.

What can you make from this jelly?  I don't have fanciful recipe, I just add them to my noodle soup as what I need is the nutrition.. :)
It melts if you add it to hot soup or boil it.   So, if you want to have something to bite, add it when the soup is not so hot.

Of course, there are better recipes.  A few nice ones:

1) Add it to your red bean/green bean soup, add after the soup is not so hot, otherwise it melts.

2)  Drinks:
Antioxidant Booster:
This one is easy to make:

3) Sweet & Sour Eucheuma Seaweed Salad -

4) Simply salad -

5) Longan Red Dates Sea Coconut Eucheuma Drink -

Don't miss out this affordable collagen supplement, try it out...  :)
Thanks to the owners of the above links for sharing the recipes.

Oh.. it supposed to be a short post but ended up quite long..


Mila@Rimbun said...

where can we get this?

Anic said...

Hi Mila,
Boleh dapat kat Organic shop. Haven't checked if other places ada tak. Rasa rasa nya tempat yang jual barangan korean & jepun, mungkin ada.

I found this online seller but i haven't tried buying from it:

Lynn Nasir said...

how does it taste like? :)

Anic said...

Hi Lynn,

:) actually no taste like jelly without any flavouring..

but at the time of soaking, it smells fishy..

Lynn Nasir said...

i think the salad will fit my selera la anic :D___

mark said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
rose of venus said...

hi every one
I had been consuming this seaweed or sea vegetables for some times. It is really good for yur health. I had fomulated seaweed drinks and cordials. we had been producing for the last 3 years, and the latest are hand made natural skin care and hand made soap all using seaweed as a base. if you want to know more contact me on

Anic said...

Hi rose of venus,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


Anonymous said...

Collagen only can be found from animal source. NOT from plant source.

Pelangi said...

I want to share some info with you guys; actually collagen have three types of collagen. First is Marine collagen, plant collagen and last but not least is animal collagen.
You cant read more on this link:

Zoutique Secret said...

hi..can i share this info in my blog...i'm using seaweed n sell it. it's good to our health n my skin is getting improve.TQ

Zoutique Secret said...

hi..can i share this info in my blog...i'm using seaweed n sell it. it's good to our health n my skin is getting improve.TQ

Fikri Halim said...


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