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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sewing Notions 1 - Zip

The meaning of sewing notions, excerpt from :
"In sewing and haberdashery, notions is the collective term for a variety of small objects or accessories. Notions can include items that are sewn or otherwise attached to a finished article, such as buttons, snaps, and collar stays, but the term also includes small tools used in sewing, such as thread, pins, marking pens, and seam rippers. The noun is almost always used in the plural.[1] The term is chiefly found in the United States, and was formerly used in the construction Yankee notions"

I bought a few zips so that when I need one I have one.  The few buying experinces I have, here is what I found:

A) Zips without pull, you buy the length you like but you need to buy zipper pull as well.
It is about RM2 per meter for white colour and RM2.5 for black.  You have a choice of a bigger teeth or a smaller one.  I have only bought the bigger one as my zipper pulls fit well.  For tips how to thread the zipper pull, please see

B)  & D) are the same, the normal zip with plastic pull.  I got B from "my Mydin" and it is only RM1.50 for 12x8" zips, RM0.125 for one..   Overjoy.. but I wonder if the quality is the same as D which I paid maybe RM0.50 (can't remember).  I examined closely, can't see any differences.
12 of B is 2.4 meter at RM1.50,  even if you buy and cut them to shorter zip, still good value for money.  em... should I stock more since cost of goods keep going up?

C) & E), the shop people call them the Man's zip,  small plastic teeth with metal zipper pull.  C is 7" and I paid RM0.80 for it.

F), they said this is the jean's zip, metal teeth and metall zipper pull.  Forgot the price, will update when I have it.

Now that I know zipper pull cost money, I will make sure I rip them off from faulty zips to reuse them.. :)  

Side note:  Is zip the same as zipper? Zip is UK English and Zipper US English.  Not that I am so good in English, I have to look it up...  I used zipper pull because it sounds better than zip pull..  :)


Mila@Rimbun said...

I always shop for zipper at Mydin, so far it has the same quality as the one I bought at Bunga Reben or any kedai barang2 jahit which will cost u about 60 sen to 1+++ each. So cheap kan

Anic said...

Yeah.. so cheap.. very happy to find them. :)

The small Mydin near my place only have black & white zips at 7" or 8". How about the one you went?

d u r a said...

as for the zip, i suka brand YKK. quite pricey compare to others, but the quality is good-zipper pull dia tak mudah pecah.

Anic said...

Hi Dura, thanks for sharing...

I looked, the Jean's zip in the above picture is YKK. :)

faz n craft said...

kak, zip beli kat mana? esp the one yg can buy by the length + pull..

Anic said...

faz n craft, you can get zippers in the sewing notion shop. I bought the length + pull from the sewing shop near McDonald in PJ Old Town. and here too:

try these other online shops for fixed length zips:

Link Within

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