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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bag Projects 16, 17 & 18 - all with piping

These are my May, June, July 2012 Alice Peng sew along projects.

I made this bag from thick canvas from Taiwan bought from Emma Huang.  Very sturdy..  but mati mati jahit with my NV 50.

Pencil case

Overnight bag

This bag is made from thick canvas bought online from China.  Very thick but the grain is not as fine as the thick canvas from Emma.   Again, another jahit sampai berpeluh peluh project...

Useful reference links for adding piping to bag:
2)!xIaEdO2eGRxklvw1H5zeF_4S/article?mid=57805  - this one shows how to join the 2 ends without overlapping..   I don't have the fanciful double sided tape,  I just use pin or clips...


Friday, August 10, 2012

Plant it yourself - Basil

My favourite herbs at the moment,  Sweet Basil and Thai Basil.

There is no supermarket near my place which carry Sweet Basil. I have been wanting to plant it myself..   One day I bought a pot with only 1 sweet basil plant and cost me RM9 at Kelana Jaya Pasar Tani.   With just 1 small plant, it couldn't supply what I need.  My friend found a nursery which sell a pot with many sweet basil plants at RM11.30 per pot.  I was overjoyed when I saw the plants at Floristika, Jalan Liku, Bangsar.   I bought a pot of Sweet Basil and a pot of Thai Basil.   They came in small plastic pots but I changed them to bigger pots in hope that they will grow a lot bigger and give me plenty of leaves..  :)

Sweet Basil

Thai Basil
There is still fear that I will eat up all the Sweet Basil leaves and kill the plant.   So,  I want to have more Sweet Basil plants.   I tried to grow it from a cutting of the plant after some research on internet.

I kept the cutting in a mug and left it in my balcony but hiding it away from direct Sun.   I changed water everyday.

I was so happy to see the root system developed over a few days.   

Finally they are in the pot....

It gives me great satisfaction using herbs from of my own balcony..  :)

Check these links out for tips to grow your own Sweet Basil.

Wish you a wonderful weekend,  bye,

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