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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bag Project 15 - Bag with appliqued flowers

This is my April 2012 Alice Peng sew along..  

This is the first time I sewed a piping to a bag.   It was actually not as difficult as it looked.

A nice tutorial on sewing piping to a bag:

And I just realised I could  remove the flatbed attachment  of my NV50  to ease sewing of bag with small opening (or any cylindrical piece :))...  

Flatbed attachment

Flatbed attachment removed to ease sewing of cylindrical piece

Bye now and have a good week,

Monday, May 7, 2012

Frame Purse

I made these frame purses with tutorial provided by Jess See  in the virtual classroom organised by Potato House.

The tutorial I followed is only provided to participants, however, please refer to my previous post on Frame Purse.  There are online tutorials shared there..

This and below are 2 sides of the same purse..   The center pieces are from scrap bag I bought..  Can you guess where I got these cute pieces from?

Bye now,

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