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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Frame Coin Purse

I made my first frame purse.. hooray.. ! :)   A mini one.  The purse frame is 6.5 cm.  The cover fabric is a gift I received from a craft seller.  :)   Why did I choose this frame?  Because it was the cheapest I could find.   I want to try out making a frame purse but I don’t want to spend a lot of money.  :) 

I found below patterns available for download.  These are patterns for different sizes of frame.  Very convenient. :)
1) 2 pieces of cover fabrics like the one I have made.

2) 4 pieces of cover fabrics:

The patterns are in PDF and print them in scale of 97%.   For scaling, look for something like “reduce/enlarge to” in the printer setting.

The above links are provided by the tutorials below:
1) 4 pieces of cover fabrics:
This tutorial provides the instruction on how to attach the frame.

2) 2 pieces of cover fabrics, simplest to make:
I made mine according to this but for attaching the frame,  please see 1 above.

Here is one in English that shows how to attach the frame:

The last step of this tutorial is to clamp end of the frame which was not there in the sewlover tutorial.
In addition,  sewlover tutorial attach the frame from the middle of the frame (which I used, and I think this will ensure balance of both sides) but this one start from the side. 

Here is a list of online sellers who sell purse frames:
6) Daiso, The Curve - 5cm x 2 at RM5.00 (Thanks to Sueann for sharing this.) 

The frame I bought has holes.  How about frames without holes?  Here are nice tutorials for that:

Thanks to the crafters who have shared the above tutorials..

Bye now and have a great Sunday.


Lynn Nasir said...

soooo cute! ^^ how many cents can fit in? :D

Anic said...

:) i think many ringgit tak ada problem..

Mila@Rimbun said...

wow so cute. where did you get the closure/handle (or what ever the name).. belum dapat feel lg nak cuba this kind of purse.. I shall come back here in case the felling come haha

sueann said...


just to let u know, purse frame are also available at Daiso, Damansara..diameter 5cm, two purse frame for RM5 can check out my blog..the picture of the frame.:)

Anic said...

Hi Mila,
memang kena a feel dulu baru boleh buat.. :)

Tempat beli listed di dalam post. Sueann bagi tempat baru, Daiso.

Hi Sueann,
Thanks for the information. 2 for RM5, is cheap. I meant to check out Daison.. but still haven't done yet...

sueann said...

hehe ok..i just went there again last saturday..addicted to Daiso stuff..the frame is still there..can we exchange to make new crafter's friend...heheh

tomei said...

cute..cute..nak buat gak..buat la sew along anic.. syok gak tu..eheheh...(berkobar-kobar..tah bile mase nak buat..wakaka)
sue ann.. u dont want to be friend with me?

Anic said...

sueann, sure... :)

tomei tak lambat lagi to sew along... if you sew one, let me know and we could have a post to show off all the frame purses. :)

tomei said...

okei..first have to go blogshopping for the frame..kekekek!(my fav..!!!)

Anic said...

me too.. addicted to blog shopping.. :)

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