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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kitty Applique Coin Purse Project - Part 1 (Applique Technique)

A very good morning...

I have been doing this small project for a few days now, a little at a time, during my way to office, in the late evening after work... finally this morning, I finished the last bit of the kitties.

I wanted to learn applique quilting, even though I have not even done quilting before.  So, I bought this kitty applique coin purse kit online as I thought it will give me all the instructions I need.   My expectation was wrong.  It was not really for beginner like me who has never done one before.   Luckily the stitch names are there in the brief instructions provided, so I could ask my good friend, Mr Google what they are :).   I went searching and found tutorials for the stitches I need:

1) Needle Turn Applique Stitch - To sew the applique to the background without showing the stitch 

There is an easier way of doing this if the applique is large.  Sew the outline with wide stitch and then pull the thread so that the seam gathered underneath and sew it the same way as above.  I have only read the instructions but haven't tried it:

Another tutorial:

2) Fly Stitch for the nose & mouth

3) Outline Stitch - for the leg & moustache

Here is a handy stitch dictionary I found:

Thanks to the link owners for sharing the information, otherwise I won't be able to complete the kitties. 

Bye now and have a wonderful weekend.


tomei said...

really dear.. do show me your end product ya..the cats are really cute.. where do you bought the kit?

Anic said...

Hi tomei,
I have fun sewing the cats. :) I am almost there, still need to find way to sew the zip.

here is where i got the kit:

tomei said... cannot read chinese..uhuhuh

Anic said...

oops.. here is the link to translate it to English:

But the kit come with Chinese instruction..

:( so probably not good for you...

Lynn Nasir said...

i bookmarked sharon b's page also! ermm..4 months ago i guess? :D it is so handy for a beginner like me. my mom used to do the hand stitch projects long time ago, but i never care to learn :( now, with our best friend google, everything is nearly possible.

tomei said... about u translate for me..kekekeke...i'll appreciate it..kekeke...

Anic said...

Betul Lynn, senang sangat dengan best friend google.

tomei, :) actually the most important thing on the paper the seller gave is the pictures and the stitch names, the rest is just material list. :) happy to translate the stitch names which i hv done most above. :)

地瓜妈Jess See said...

Hi Anic,
You hv done the very nice applique.
Here is another handmade supplier in town. My shop is Potato House url
You are welcome to have a visit.
I like your sharing too. It is very useful to the handmade lover especially the beginner.

Anic said...

Hi Jess,
Thank you.. :) I like sharing.. Doing my small part of making this world a better place to live. :)

Congratulations on the new shop.. I certainly will check out your store..

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