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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Patchwork Wristlet

I saw Pink Penguin's cute patchwork wristlet and was inspired to make one.. 

So, I took out the scrap I have and started cutting and matching them.  Something quite pink..  :)

I have fun making this and maybe you would also like to try.   Pink Penguin's tutorial is quite detail, check out her site.  :)

Bye now and have a wonderful weekend.


Lynn Nasir said...


this is so cute!! ^^ lovely lace kinda thing..right? :)

lilla said...

Ciao Anic! Thanks to have been on my site.
I like your creations.
Saluti dall'Italia. lilla

Azaidris said...

Wah..cepat nye u buat.
I've been following her (pink penguin) tapi dok tengok jek. Lagipun i takde cutter set lagi so..potong squares comey2 tu berchenta hehehe *alasan*

Anic said...

Hi Lynn,
:) After raya, sew one. :)

Hi lilla,
Good to see you here... Please come again. :)

Hi Azaidris,
Bila dah ada semangat, mus quickly sew.. if not, no chance later. :) But certainly, ada cutter is a lot easier.

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