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Thursday, June 16, 2011

DIY Cloth Pad - Part 10 (Turn and top Stitch)

I sewed these 2 cloth pads for friends.  

Bought this Flannel print in Kamdar Sunway.   The material is slightly thicker than what I had bought locally before.
I normally turned & top stitched my cloth pads because I did not have a good serger at home.  My side seam is usually quite small and making it hard to close the opening left for the turn.   I found a technique to make it easier...  have a bigger seam for the opening.. see the left side of the wing.   I tried and it really helps!  
Recently, I bought a serger, Brother 3034D.   This cloth pad, I tried to serge the sides, rather than turn and top stitch.   I need  to practise more, not very nice finishing.    I have to hide the cutting knife to avoid the curves being cut...
Bye now..

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Offer Price for Sell In Malaysia Only - Seam Allowance Tool by Hollie

I posted about this tool here.    For us in Malaysia buying it directly from Australia, it would be AUD15 plus AUD3 for shipping, about RM57.

Now it will be yours at RM35 (postage not included) for sell in Malaysia only..  

To order, please email me.   10  0 Unit available....  If there are enough requests, I could arrange for more units.

See how it works here:

It is very simple to use, image borrowed from Hollie:

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baby Gift Set 1

So far, I have been sewing bags..  :)  Finally, a break through.  :)

A little itty bitty dress for my friend's baby girl.  

Believe me, it is not difficult..   I think it is easier than sewing some bags.  :)

I used tutorial from:

A bib & booties to go with the dress.  

Kind Mila shared these links with me, save me spending hours finding the right ones.   Thank you Mila!

1) Bib -
Another one here:
2) Booties -

A gift set ready to go with me to the party...   :)  wrapping materials are reused items..  :)

Oh..  forgot to mention, the fabric came from:


Link Within

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