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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baby Gift Set 1

So far, I have been sewing bags..  :)  Finally, a break through.  :)

A little itty bitty dress for my friend's baby girl.  

Believe me, it is not difficult..   I think it is easier than sewing some bags.  :)

I used tutorial from:

A bib & booties to go with the dress.  

Kind Mila shared these links with me, save me spending hours finding the right ones.   Thank you Mila!

1) Bib -
Another one here:
2) Booties -

A gift set ready to go with me to the party...   :)  wrapping materials are reused items..  :)

Oh..  forgot to mention, the fabric came from:



Vintage Coconut said...

Ahhhhh so cute! I love that little dress how adorable. And that fact it comes with a bib and booties is even better.

Lynn Nasir said...

oh..its itty bitty dress :)
i have made one for auni last year. and she's still wearing it once a week..heheh..she love the dress.

the fab. print is sooooo cute! :D

p/s: already received my parcel last friday :) tq!

MyBotanG said...

I agree, surprisingly sewing the dress was pretty straight forward and fun - don't know why I've been dreading and shying away from sewing wearables before this.. *I made my itty bitty dress for a friend earlier this year.. t'was quite a big hit :D*

Nothing beats handmade gifts :)

Anic said...

Hi Vintage Coconut,
Thanks.. :) Find a baby and sew one.. It is quite simple.. You could even omit the piping and bias tape to make it even simpler.. :)

Hi Lynn,
Of course Auni loves the dress sewn by Mummy.. :)
Glad that you have received the seam allowance tool. I have been using it, quite handy.. tak payah trace. :) happy.

Hi Sue,
Yeah... thought that it is hard but simpler than the reversible bucket bag..

Mila@Rimbun said...

at last I can leave my comment....

agree with u anic, the itty bitty dress is much much more simple than sewing a bag... its just that seems we just started sewing it, suddenly its done... cepatnyer

all in one set, so cute.. the baby n her mother must be really happy with the gift.

Anic said...

Hi Mila,
oh.. what happen? ada masalah leaving comment?

thanks.. :) i was running short of time, luckily you share the links..

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