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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cloth Pad Exchange - 1

Mila  and I decided to exchange cloth pads sewn by ourselves...  :)

She sent me this very nice cloth pad she sewn.   Thank you Mila...   I like it very much.

Did you see the curvy stitches in 8 shape in the centre?   Nice idea, right?

And...   she also sent me a small wet bag she sewn from her PUL scrap.   She is very creative!

I have been thinking making lots of small wetbag for only 1 cloth pad.   Make it easy when at work.   Could take a pad discretely to the wash room.  Find it  inconvenient having to fish out a pad from a big bag..

Now, I am inspired by this and will start making a few  bags from PUL scrap...

Enjoy your weekend,


Mila@Rimbun said...

glad u like it.
the wetbag can fit in your pocket.. I found it very convenient to use, thats why I sew one for u to match with the CP :)

Anic said...

yes... very convenient.. :) thank you!..

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