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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sew Along - MyBotang Appliqué Project..5

I completed the bag I wanted to make using the flowers applique I made recently (with MyBotang Sew Along,  A big Thank You to Sue for organising this.)

It is a simple bag and similar technique could be seen here:

I added batting to the applique and quilted a bit using Nylon invisible thread (sample of how it looks.  I bought it locally in Ampang, about RM7 per spool of 200M).  It is almost stress free sewing with invisible thread..  Since it is designed to be invisible, it is not easy to see even if the sewing is bad..  :)

This is the back of the bag..   I finally have a chance to use this blue & flower laces which I think I got them as free gift from fabric suppliers.  

The bag was made from an old pair of jeans.  I probably have it for more than 15 years.   I have only used the leg parts of the jeans.

 I kept the top part, planning to turn it into another bag...

The lining is made from an old denim shirt.  I left the pocket intact..  I needed a pocket inside the bag anyway..  :)

The blue cotton strap came from (already out of stock), 1 meter RM3.6.

oh..  please meet my new friend, Jean-A-Ma-Jig.  Without it, sewing through the thick Jeans seam would be a night mare...

See here on how to use Jean-A-Ma-Jig:

The above link has better pictures and explanation of how the tool is used.  But here are 2 lousy pictures I took.   To sew over thick area, the presser foot is at an angle, we could slide the Jean-A-Ma-Jig behind the presser foot (or in front) to make the presser foot even, then sewing is easier...

Bought it from Joann, tumpang kawan beli....

Have a good weekend,


MyBotanG said...

wow.. a great looking bag Anic.. love the decorative stitches all around the frame.. sweet..
well done on the recycling project.. I have many old and discarded jeans waiting to be turned into something.. *sigh*

Thank you for participating in the sew along.. any idea on the next sew along project..??

Anic said...

Hi Sue...

:) Thanks... for next sew along project, how about something that help use up our old jeans? :) A handbag made from jeans?

Samples here:

Mila@Rimbun said...

another beautiful bag in the houz... lovely bag

I keep on "mengeja" Jean-A-Ma-Jig.. and wonder what language is it.. ooo jeans a magic hahaha
never knows about it.. it is a footer?

thanks for sharing

Anic said...

Hi Mila.. Thank you.. :)

Yeah.. tak tau what language it is. I didn't try to pronounce it.. now that you mentioned, Jean a magic sounds right. :)

Dia-ni bukan foot, but to slide under the presser foot to give it an even floor when sewing over a thick material, then the presser foot is not at an angle. I added photos in the post to show you what i meant. :)

MyBotanG said...

Anic, thank you for the recycling ideas aw well..
I've downloaded the Amy Butler's pattern as well.. do you think we might be up to the challenge..?? it does look interesting, doesn't it.. will have a look at the whole thing and gt back to you.. thank you for the idea Anic

Mila@Rimbun said...

I think ur photo explain everything. I cant see it clearly in the link, I tot its a footer. TQ Anic for sharing this.

Suzie said...

Cantik pula dah jadi bag ...thanks for sharing

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