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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sewing Notions 16 - Picot Foot

I bought a picot foot when I bought my Brother NV50 sewing machine.   Not sure why I bought it at such an early time of my sewing life..  :)

I have been wanting to learn how to use it and finally I managed  to use it 2 days ago to sew a Green bag inspired by Mila.  Will write about the green bag in another post.

What does a Picot Foot do?   It makes a narrow hem with the edge of fabric folded inside.    See the below:

Picture borrowed from Brother website

It is not so easy to use and I found a site which provide excellent information on how to use it:

1)  Learn about the Picot Foot -

2) How to sew using Picot Foot (Must read if you are new to Picot Foot and have one.. :) )  -

--  Another way:
Sew a few stitches at the beginning without folding, and then use the thread to guide the fabric through the curl of the foot.

3) Additional techniques (corners, crossing over seam, etc) -

Hope this help...



MyBotanG said...

I love this foot (never knew what it was called before this).. but you're right, it can be tricky especially at the beginning.. and I'm always in a hurry and never learn to take it slow and steady.. Thank you for sharing the links, will go over them one by one soon.

Mila@Rimbun said...

so generous of u anic for sharing the links, I am always fail to use this footer... I think its in the std accesories.. if nor mistaken, I have one but I cant remember buying it, or else I forgot hehe

MamaDaniel said...

owh.. saya rasa NV30 pun ada picot foot ni.. dia mcm nak buat tepi tudung (time saya sekolah dulu).. btol tak sis?

thanks for sharing sis! kalau nak guna foot tu saya pasti refer kat sini! :)

Anic said...

Hi Sue, I think it is really useful... just that susah to start at the beginning.. was happy to see the techniques taught in the links.

Hi mila, zila,

i don't think it comes as standard with NV 50 (not sure about NV 30). I paid RM24 for the foot! But mungkin Mila got it time I should go shopping with Mila. :)

Zila, i think you are right about sewing tepi tudung, so, you already know how to use.. :)

Mila@Rimbun said...

the RM24 is with LSN right? emm I cant remember that... dont know whether I got it for free or I really paid it, but I remembered on that day Izzah wanted a wooden ruler, but I forgot to include it when finalising the purchase, and she cried out loud.. the sales asst then gave it for free hahaha.. I should ask Izzah to do that with all the footers huhuhu

Mama Pongkey said...

Thank you so much for the links :-) I came across your post when searching for 'picot foot NV50' on Google. I am wondering can you use a straight stitch with this foot, or should it only be the zig-zag stitch? I am thinking of getting one for myself soon.

Anic said...

Hi Mama Pongkey,

Yes... it will work with straight stitch.

Useful comment from another user on Amazon:

- see comment made by Donna Jay

Rozy said...

Hi Anic,

Googled Picot foot and found your blog..Thank you for sharing this.

Aida Ahmad said...

Please help me how to finish the picot sewing as itcwas difficult dan tak kemas

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