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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Health Tips 4 - Make your own yogurt

Dear all,

I am finally back online. No time for craft work yet.. so, I thought I would share a simple recipe I use to make my own yogurt.  In case you would like to read about the benefits of yogurt, here is a link that gives a good overview:

The recipe I use to make yogurt:
1) Blend the following together:
1 cup of milk powder
2 cups of hot water
2 cups of room temperature drinking water (in Malaysia, it is about 27 °C now at 10:12pm)

2) Once you have the warm milk ready, add 2 big table spoon of natural yogurt (starter) you buy from Supermarket (don't buy the flavoured one).   I like to use Marigold brand but other brands should do too.  The milk shouldn't be too hot till it kills the living cultures in the starter.  I found that 2 cups of hot water plus 2 cups of room temperature drinking water mixed together worked well.

3) I use a container which could go into my slow cooker (without turning on the electricity).  This is so that the milk remained warm for a longer time.   If you don't have a slow cooker, any other method is fine.  For example, leave it in the kitchen cupboard or wrap it with a towel or use a container which doesn't lose heat easily etc..

4) The yogurt is ready after a few hours (say 8, I never really measure how long it takes.  Usually I make it at night and I have my yogurt the next morning).  Keep in fridge once you think it is thick enough..  :)

If you haven't tried it...  you should..  :)

Warmest regards,

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