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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tissue Paper Holder - very easy to sew it yourself

A very quick project for a friend...  I promised I will sew her a tissue paper holder and it only took me a few months...  She reminded me yesterday, so I spared some very precious time of mine to materialise my promise..  :)   I should be more careful next time not to make promises easily..  :)

Believe me, very simple.  Probably took about 15 mins to make one.

Very purple person shared a nice tutorial:  -  But I have the lining fabric longer than the outer fabric..     The top & bottom are raw edges though which I trimmed them with zigzag scissors.

The below another  one I like.  All edges are hidden in between outer fabric & lining.

Hope my friend likes it...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Patchwork wallet give away - WINNER Announcement

The winner is MamaDaniel ! :)  Congratulations!

Thanks to all who have participated...

So long...   I was offline for last 1-2 months...

I am back!!  :)    So much to catch up...    

I am finding a reason to do a give away...  100 followers is a good one.  :)   All followers, please leave a comment if you would like to win this patchwork wallet which I sewed sometime ago in a sew along.    I am also opening this giveaway to PotatoMom Patchwork fb group members.. :)    Entries will be closed by 26th Nov and winner will be announced on 27th Nov.   

Participant List:

1) NoEn - follower (f)
2) MamaDaniel - f
3) Vintage Coconut - f
4) jeslyn - potatomom gp (pg)
5) nur_iza83 ( - f
6) Mila@Rimbun - f
7) sunnytan - f
8) Sus@n - pg/f
9) Bnr Craft Street - pg/f
10) May - pg
11) 玻璃瓶子 - pg
12) Vicky - pg/f
13) Nancy Kong - f
14) ScLover - f
15) Rosh -f

Warmest regards,

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