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Friday, January 27, 2012

Green Idea 3 - Making Your Own Deodorant...2

I have been using home made deodorant; 1 part of baking soda mixed with 1 part of corn starch and a few drops of Tea tree oil.   It is working well for me but I thought I should also try the beeswax version since I have some beeswax at home.

Found this recipe:   --  (note:  should  add shea butter after the beeswax is melted.)

My new home made deodorant.

I don't have a deodorant stick case, so I just leave it in the small glass container I mixed the ingredients.     Happy with the result so far...

If you don't have shea butter, I suggest you use a recipe without it:  - don't make too much the first time, half the recipe..  :)

Many more recipes here:

For those who wants to buy beeswax,  please contact Sylvia at sweetprettystuff at gmail dot com.   She has unrefined beeswax from US at RM15 per 100 gram.

Some other sellers:


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bag Project 11

This is my Jan 2012 Alice Peng sew along homework..    :)

1) Needle size 18 works really well for the thickness...  though I learnt this sometime ago but due to laziness, sometimes I don't change the needle.

2) I used  Plastic sheet to trace the pattern and clover seam allowance tool to add seam this time.  A lot easier and the size of the bag is more accurate.

See here for self explanatory pictures about the tool:

Useful notes from Alice Peng about sewing bags but in Mandarin though:

Bye now..

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