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Friday, February 3, 2012

Multipurpose Handphone Pouch

I made a multipurpose handphone pouch for a FB craft friend as part of handmade exchange programme..  This is also a pattern from Alice Peng's book.

After I made it, I wasn't happy with the bottom corners,  so I kept it for myself.  

There are 3 card compartments on the front, useful? :)

I sewed another one for my craft friend, and now that she has received the pouch, I can disclose it here...  :)

I wanted to make it special for her, so I embroidered her name on a cloth key chain, sigh... I mistaken z as s...   Fortunately, she didn't mind.

This time I used magnetic snaps as I felt pressing the metal snap button on the phone while closing would not be nice...  sayang the phone..

There are also 3 card compartments in the front pocket.  :).   Photo borrowed from Yuzlin.

I made a box from recycle cardboard I collected for the pouch so that it went to Yuzlin with a nice baju...  :) .

I collect used nice paper/cardboard, ribbons etc..    so that they are not wasted and I don't add burden to the earth while I meet my needs.    This is green but this also means that I have lots of sampah at home..  :(

Alice Peng has a good  way of sewing nice corners:

2 photos I took to help illustrate:

The line cut should be slightly shorter than seam allowance

Bye now and have a good weekend.,

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