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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Patchwork wallet give away - WINNER Announcement

The winner is MamaDaniel ! :)  Congratulations!

Thanks to all who have participated...

So long...   I was offline for last 1-2 months...

I am back!!  :)    So much to catch up...    

I am finding a reason to do a give away...  100 followers is a good one.  :)   All followers, please leave a comment if you would like to win this patchwork wallet which I sewed sometime ago in a sew along.    I am also opening this giveaway to PotatoMom Patchwork fb group members.. :)    Entries will be closed by 26th Nov and winner will be announced on 27th Nov.   

Participant List:

1) NoEn - follower (f)
2) MamaDaniel - f
3) Vintage Coconut - f
4) jeslyn - potatomom gp (pg)
5) nur_iza83 ( - f
6) Mila@Rimbun - f
7) sunnytan - f
8) Sus@n - pg/f
9) Bnr Craft Street - pg/f
10) May - pg
11) 玻璃瓶子 - pg
12) Vicky - pg/f
13) Nancy Kong - f
14) ScLover - f
15) Rosh -f

Warmest regards,


NoEn said...

welcome back!!!

i want this cute ok!!

MamaDaniel said...

Wow Sis.. apa khabar? lama betul menyepi.. hehe..

bestnya ada giveaway! count me in!

Vintage Coconut said...

This wallet is adorable!
*Congrats on 100 followers*
*woot woot*

jeslyn said...

hi... I want this cute cute wallett..
hope I'm a lucky 1.. said...

comelnye...baru je jatuh cinta ngan patchwork...saye join ye...

Mila@Rimbun said...

welcome back to blogging world.. what a long hiatus... miss u dear

sunnytan said...


Sus@n said...



B&R Craft Street said...

I like this patchwork wallet, it is very colourful. Christmas is coming over and I hope will get this as my first Christmas gift..hohoho...Pick me pick me please ^^ And of course did not forgot to congrat you to have 100 followers, you'll have another 1000, 10000, 100000 and many many mores ^^

Nancy Kong said...

嗨~我在地瓜妈那里看到你的give away~ 希望我可以得到那个cute cute的钱包~ ^^

may said...

Wud love to have this wallet. Hope lucky enough. heheheh....

玻璃瓶子 said...


Vicky said...


Nancy Kong said...

Become ur follower already, TQ~

SCLover said...

welcome back anic... dah lama tak tengok your tutorial kat blog ni...hope to see soon..

Rosh said...

hi! welcome back!

A patchwork wallet GA? Nak ler... really in need of a new wallet...hehehe.. so pls count me in yer..;D

Anic said...

Dear NoEn, thank you.. :)

Sis Zila, khabar baik. :) was away from home without internet access. :) Congratulations for winning the giveaway. please email me your postage address to anic dot khow at gmail dot com

Hi Vintage Coconut, thank you for dropping by.. :)

Hi Jeslyn... thank you for your participation..

Hi Iza, it is never too late.. :) Have fun doing patchwork.. :)

Hi Mila, long time no speak.. good seeing you again..

Sunnytan, thank you so much.. :)

Sus@n, a very happy birthday to you. I will post you a surprise gift since it is your birthday. Could you please also email me your address?

Hi B R Craft Street, :) thank you..

Nancy, glad that you see my message and I could include you in the participant list. Thank you.

May, 玻璃瓶子, Vicky, thanks for joining..

SCLover, thank you. Soon... soon... :)

Rosh, want to try to sew one? here is the link... and happy to answer questions in case there is any.

MamaDaniel said...

wow! zila menang??? hehe.. tak sangka!! thanks sis! will email u immediately.. haha.. rezeki baby.. :)

Mila@Rimbun said...

Tahniah mamaD... rezeki baby tuh hehehe

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