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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sew Along - MyBotang Appliqué Project..4

Finally...   I completed the sewing...   I didn't use a black colour thread for the flowers as I didn't think that it will go well with the dark background.    But the yellow thread I used didn't show very well with the light colours flowers..  I should have used a slightly darker colour for the white flowers.  Oh well, I used a thicker thread (the shop person said it is for sewing jeans) and I am only willing to buy 2-3 spools.  I bought yellow because I like the Sun Flower as it is and didn't want my potential bad sewing to ruin it.   :)

Now, I just need to turn it into a bag.   :)

Some notes:
1)  My machine was skipping stitches..   and finally figured that I need to change my needle. Replacing the needle solved the problem.

Read more here for potential reasons why the machine may skip stitches:

Another useful post on what to do when machine is not stitching properly:

2) Thread
I was trying to learn more about thread and found these links useful:

a) Sewing with the right thread - gives an overview of different type of threads available:

b) This link has microscope view of various quality thread.    The low quality ones, the thread has lots of loose fibers:

When I bought my sewing machine, the shop person said I should use good thread and they recommended Dolphin - buatan Malaysia (what they sold in the the shop).  I have never looked at what it is... until this morning..  lol.  The label said polyester and  "D" and a number  on the spool.  I guess the number is the colour number system of Dolphin.    What thread do you use?

Check out the various type of threads available on this site just for our knowledge.   Luckily I didn't know there are so many choices, otherwise, I would be so confused to start with so many..  :)

This one is interesting..  -  Water Soluble thread!   It is for basting...  but if you use it accidentally to sew cloth...  the cloth will fall apart while you wash it..  :)

Bye now,


DiahRothman said...

Anic, it looks great from here........... a neat stitches! Well done dear!

Mila@Rimbun said...

the sunflower looks shining with the yellow thread... your stitches are very neat... and you made a good decision on the dark background, cant wait to see the bag :)

Anic said...

Thank you, thank you... :) I was stitching it very very slowly and for start & end, I have pulled the top thread through the fabric and tied knots at the back of the fabric..

Still thinking about the design of the bag.. Thinking to re purpose my jeans for the bag...

Bea said...

Anic, your sunflower looks perfect & everything are neatly sewn. Thanks for the thread info...didn't know that water soluble thread exist...:D

MyBotanG said...

Am nodding with agreement with everybody's statement.. VERY NEAT indeed.. perfect!!! (did you use free motion or the usual straight stitch?)
Can't wait to see the bag..have you decided on a design yet? I still don't know what I want to do with mine.. may be a wall hanging in my studio..hhhmmmm

Anic said...

Thanks Bea.. I didn't realise too there is water soluble thread...

Hi Sue, thanks.. :) I used Straight Stitch.. I haven't tried the free motion, I don't think I will control it well..

Still thinking about bag design. :) Thinking to repurpose old jeans/denim shirt. :) Wall hanging should be nice too.. but my house is so messy that it would be awkward to have a wall hanging.. :)

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