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Friday, July 9, 2010

Bag Project 1 - Bags from old t-shirts...

We have some old T-shirts at home which we need to find a new life for them. For those quite decent ones, we try to find a new owner, others not so good, I made bags..

1) Shopping Bag

I found this nice piece of T-Shirt bag tutorial at:

Here is my T-Shirt bag from 2 old T-Shirts, 1 for outside and another as lining for inside:

I used interfacing (Kain Gam) as suggested by the Author of the tutorial and I like the effect.   I didn't use the T-Shirt to create the straps as T-Shirt cloth is stretchy and it doesn’t look like it could handle weight well.  So, I bought the black straps (1 meter RM1.00) and sewn them to the front & back of the bag rather than to the sides.  My bag is too big for the strap to be sewn to the sides.

2) Laundry Bag - this one is easy to sew
I cut the sleeves and sewn the collar and sleeves to close the holds.  Create a piping at the bottom of the T-Shirt and used a black hairpin to guide a string through…

I have to cut some part of the collar.

Will be making similar bags of different sizes for different purposes rather than using plastic bags.

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