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Sunday, July 18, 2010

DIY Baju Kurung - Part 1

I bought a Brother sewing machine from LSN and they gave free baju kurung classes...  Can't waste it and good to build up sewing skill. 

So I went for 2 classes and with the notes from, I managed to get the baju kurung till this stage:

Quite happy with the result.  Still need to figure out how to do the balut.   Probably have to go back to class...


Rozi Rahman said...

Cantik :) saya pun ada pegi the first class organized kat LSN tu tapi pegi sehari je. Agak frust dengan cara diorang organized the class but then again it’s free, cannot expect too much.

Mila@Rimbun said...

Like the flowery fabric.. dont expect too much if it is first time. The key is.. dont give up.. Practise will always make perfect. Not really perfect but improved.
I learned to make my own baju kurung from my mother 22 years ago.. when I was 12th. I made my own school uniform hahaha. at that time it was so difficult to get the serger, so I use jahit sembat... for the whole baju kurung.

Anic said...

Hi Rozi,
Thanks for dropping by.. My baju kurung can only be viewed from far.. kalau dekat, hehe.. not so cantik. :)

I think I went for the second one.. I think they tried to make it better after their first experience.. in time, I think they will improve..

Hi Mila,
:) yes... my first time.. :) jahit lurus put take begitu lurus.. :) the jahit tepi was horrible but nasib baik kat dalam. :) I have an old ACME jahit tepi that is not tune properly but don't feel like spending money buying another one. Want to get this old one to work. Thinking whether to send it to LSN for service, RM40. You are so hebat, jahit school uniform sendiri at 12th!! Doing sembat for the whole baju kurung, so much work. Very good in training patience.

Mila@Rimbun said...

Anic.. I also have that old ACME serger.. the one with 3 benang. dulu dah hantar to LSN for servicing tp bila tukar benang lain, dah tak cantik jahitannya.. plan asal nak bg kat my sister in law after servicing it tp tak jadi da...

Anic said...

Hi Mila,
I think the same one-lah. I thought servicing will solve all the problem.. :) Looks I have to continue to find the right thread tension.. I have been working on it and it has improved though not perfect..

farahizat said...

hi anic,
my mom got the old ACME jahit tepi. i just wonder whether u can teach me or maybe u have any tutorial on how to pasang the benang back?
really appreciate ur help

Anic said...

Hi farahizat,

It is a bit complicated to pasang the benang. My machine was put aside for a long time. Till now, I still not sure if the benang is pasang correctly. I will try to share what I know.. but it will take me awhile, very busy now.

Warmest regards,

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