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Monday, July 26, 2010

Wallet Project - Part 3 (Wallet in making)

I finally start sewing, my first wallet.  Not done but almost there...

The lotus piece is from scrap I bought from myBotang..the brown dots & blue little flowers from FQ I got from the same place.  Took me awhile to match the pieces.

The snap tape should have been closer to the border so that it doesn't cover the pretty flower.  :(

Still need to attach bias tape but I fear the wrong bias tape will spoill it...

Still looking for the perfect match...  Any suggestions?

Inside, not so nice...

I used medium weight interface for the body only for the top & bottom body layer, light weight for everything else... Batting was also used for the body.. just to try and the one I have is too thick.

I suspect when we say medium weight, maybe different brands, their medium wieght is of different thickness.  Probably better to use gram to specify?

One other thing I learnt today, when applying snap I bought from Zila Kasim, before you knock the snap, better create a small hole on the fabric using the eyelet punch.  I have one which came with my Brother sewing machine, if you have a Brother sewing machine, you probably have one. 

Bye now

Updated 28th July :  Wallet completed and posted in


Mila@Rimbun said...

Your fabric choice mmg cantik n nice...

Guna interfacing keras ke ni? I have tried one, but bila terbalik kan ianya akan renyuk, but bole iron semula, but tang corner tuh... fuh.. jenis nak dapat nice corner... i think kalau guna bias tape maybe lg senang kut eks..

SCLover said...

semalam buat satu.. tak jadi!!! guna interfacing sederhana... tapi keras sangat.. susah nak balik kan....arghhhh.... dah masuk tong... still guna kain cotton japan biasa.. pelik .. interfacing yg i beli before sederhana jugak - buat beg..tapi tak keras sangat..

Anic said...

Hi Mila,
I guna Kertas Gam medium weight bagi yang luar, also batting, just want to try out.. :)

Then, the rest I guna light weight interface. I think in future, I will use light weight for everything.. so many layers.. added up semua, sudah cukup keras even with light weight.

For turning... it needs a lot of patience.. :) Learnt this when I turned the thick pad through a small hole.. Also, bonding of the interface properly is also important. :)

Hi SClover,
Try light weight interface.. Kalau tak jadi, jangan-lah masuk tong, buka dan cuba lagi... :)

Anic said...

I hv added this to the interfacing post:
Interfacing Guide from Amy Butler

si kurus said...

hi there!

nmpk cm semua ade mslh ngn interfacing hee sbb skin mmg buat wallet so skin nk kongsi sket.. skin gne yg heavy weight (yg keras same ngn jaket) interfacing. the tricks is cutting a the interfacing a bit smaller than the size of wallet.. kecik dr kain wallet dlm 0.5inci br senang nk jait byk layer n bile terbalik pon nice je:)

ok selamat mencuba:)

Mila@Rimbun said...

skin.. nak nanya skit.. kalau batting pon sama jugak ke? many thanks for sharing

SoNice said...

skin..nak nyampuk sikit...maksud skin guna interfacing heavy weight tu dr kain yangkeras ke (cth canvas) ke atau kain keras yg org buat awning tudung ariani tu?

Anic said...

Hi Mila,
For applying snap, ketuk a small hole with the eyelet punch you get with Brother sewing machine. The last time, I didn't do it and the fabric was torn a bit and weaken.

Just in case you haven't thought about it..

Rupa eyelet punch is like this:

Link Within

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