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Thursday, July 15, 2010

DIY Cloth Pad - Part 4 (Pocket Pad)

Here is a an easy to sew pocket type cloth pad,  no curves and corners.. :)  A layer of cotton on the bottom and a layer of PUL on top with inserts that I can make from old towels & t-shirts.  I bought the pocket but sewed the pink insert myself.

But PUL is hard to find, so I think best is to separate the PUL from the pocket..  So, then there is this PUL piece that I made which could be used with any non water proof cloth pads..  Not a new idea. Many great cloth pad makers are making these.  They call it the PUL Booster.

It is one layer of flannel wtih 1 layer PUL serged.

I sewed this batik pocket from a sarung remnant and it is without PUL.  No snap but normal button.  My first button hole with my Brother machine.  So, was a bit kalam kabut.

If water proofing is required, just add the PUL booster in between the pad and undie..

I was thinking that this way, then I just need to give 1 or 2 PUL booster to my friends. Save on PUL material.


Lynn Nasir said...

hi anic,

this is the first time i ever heard of PUL booster. hehe..thanks to you :) i have some PUL in my stash (for cloth diapers making), but this PUL booster idea is sooooo inviting :D

btw, i cannot be your follower (it easier for me to keep track on your updates). it said, the URL was too big or something..

Anic said...

Hi Lynn,
My pleasure to share.. :)

Could you please try again the follower button?

Hopefully it works..

Mila@Rimbun said...

Hi Anic.. briliant ideas on saving pieces of PUL tuh. Some more its easy to dry when we wash it.

Anic said...

Hi Mila... ya-ah... easy to dry.. :) good point! thanks! :)

Rozi Rahman said...

Anic, mana boleh dapat PUL locally? Am very intrigued... Boleh la buat diaper arwen lagi, tambah stash dia.

Anic said...

Hi Rozi,

Here are information I collected so far, will write an article about buying material for pads:

- 18“x 20” RM18
- - 1 meter RM68, But this is Sandwiched PUL (2 layer sandwiched), I think Mila bought this, maybe she can tell us if this is ok for Cloth Pads.

Rozi Rahman said...

Thanks Anic... I’m just curious. An idea, you can recycle the baby plastic tie up to substitute the PUL. I have some from Arwen’s earlier days. Haven’t tried the idea yet but I think it’s best if it’s sandwiched because it’s not as durable as PUL. I bought my PUL from when they had their yard sale after christmas

Anic said...

Hi Rozi,
Thanks for the idea..
Ummi said yes the tie up could be used but difficult to sew. See her comment at:

I bought some from about a month plus ago and till now haven't received. For you, how long does it take to arrive?

passionmom said...

hi Anic and all,
We are clearing our PUL fabric here: . Check us out while stock last! Thanks. :)

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