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Monday, July 12, 2010

DIY Cloth Panty Liner - Part 1 (What are reusable menstrual products?)

I am a big fan of reusable menstrual products.  Yes... not shy to declare.. :) 

What they are?
1) Menstrual cups -
2) Cloth menstrual pads -

They are healthier (no worries of Dioxin or other cancer causing chemicals), very environmental friendly and cost saving.

I now use menstrual cup but I sew menstrual pads for friends & relatives…   Here is a panty liner I sewn recently. I sewn three of this... Given to 3 ladies to encourage them to use cloth pads instead of disposable sanitary pads.   I hope to convert them eventually..  :)

There are plenty instructions on the internet how to make one, here is one of them which is pretty good.  Lots of ideas of reusing what is available at home:


Mila@Rimbun said...

good idea on using button. I plan to sew a cloth pad too but still looking for a snap button.

Anic said...

Glad to hear that you are interested with cloth pads.. :)

Snap button is convenient when use but it is also difficult to find. I used the snap tool I bought from Zila Kasim but found it too thick and too difficult to unfasten for a cloth pad. I am going to post more about options on what could be used as closure...

Rozi Rahman said...

Mila, Anic, check out Tiny Tapir’s website. I bought my snap press there. I think best snap button size for menstrual pad is 14. i have a size 20 mould and snaps and use it for my pads, OK jer... The press is 215 with 1000 snaps! It’s going to take me 3 generations to finish my snaps :)

Mila@Rimbun said...

wow 1000 snaps.. huhuhu.. kalau camtu offer us the service je lah.. nnt we go to ur place untuk lekatkan snap button yerr :-)
many thanks for the info.

Rozi Rahman said...

Mila, Anic, you’re welcome to come to my humble home in Putrajaya to use the snaps. Buat mama pads banyak2 n come to my house for tea :) and use the snaps... Here’s a link to view the snap n the 10 colours of 1000 snaps I have..

Anic said...

Hi Rozi,
You are so kind.. :) Thanks for inviting and your kindness.. :)

Are you happy for me to publish your link about snap service?

BTW, Tiny Tapir said they will bring in KAM snap plier, it should be a lot cheaper and maybe I will get one. :)

Rozi Rahman said...

Anic, boleh aje :) it was a bonus to get the snap press locally. Tiny Tapir was also surprised that there is such a big demand for it. I actually had to put a note because when I found their site, it was out of stock. Months later then I got a notification that they have stock. if they bring in the pliers, it’s much cheaper and more practical for us. I have more than I need to last me a life time. :)

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