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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cloth Pad - No time to sew, where to buy?

If you have no time to sew your own cloth pads, here is a list of suppliers I have collected so far... 

Local cloth pads makers:
1) Saffa Cloth Pads -
2) Mama Patch Cloth Pads -
3) Blucotton Cloth Pads -
4) Ummi's Cloth Menstrual Pads -
5) Babyz N Mom -
6)  Baby Snowdrop-
7) Sweet Pretty Stuff -

9) Niceclothdiaper -
10)NatureCare Health Management - 48A, Jln SS2/4A, 47300 PJ, Tel: +603-7877-5614
Fax: +603-7877-5613/7710-8630   Email:  (RM 22 pp for cloth pads made from organic material)

Local websites selling overseas product:

1) Fresh Moon, Hag Rag, Sckoon, Cyclez, Moonbow Cloth Pads

2) Blue Jayz & Fresh Moon Cloth Pads

3) Moonbow Cloth Pads

4) Momiji Cloth Pads

5) Lunapads

ETSY is also a good place to find crafters' made cloth pads:

Sometimes some of them provide free shipping...   so, price is not too bad if shipping is free or not too high.

This one is interesting: - Starter pack USD15 plus USD4.5 for postage.

She has the pads made in a very flexible way and they could be used in different combination to meet the different type of flows.

Hope this help ladies who don't have time to sew but would like to try cloth pads...


Lynn Nasir said...

good morning anic,

dah breakfast? hehe..i woke up and having my morning coffee reading about CP. and your entry is so good and organized. (i bookmarked most of the links since last two years, but didn't get the chance to make an entry about it).

this will help others who might be interested in CP, but didn't know where to start. may i link this entry from my store? :)

Anic said...

good morning... !
belum breakfast lagi lah... :)

thanks for the praises... :) i was so excited when i got to know about cloth pads and thought that it would have been so much better if i heard about it earlier.. i have wasted so much resources for the past many many years..

have been spreading news so that ladies out there have a choice.. some of them may not like the idea but at least they have a choice....

so, please feel free to link... :)

Mila@Rimbun said...

a friend ask me to sew CP for her, but I am not that confident to do it untill me, myself wear it n feel it... maybe I can direct her to your blog.. so that she can choose either to buy or to do it herself... so many wonderful things here.. thanks for sharing

Anic said...

:) I am very happy when the information is helping others.. :)

Hawa said...

Anic, baca tentang komen u pasal CP ni.. So far u dah pakai banyak jenis la ya...I baru je mencuba dr Lynn tapi blom bg review lag sebab tak sempat pakai full cycle period. InsyaAllah one day I have to comment that.

Anic said...

Hi Hawa,

Glad to see another lady using CP... :)


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