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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wallet Project - Part 2 (Looking for Tips & Tricks)

1) Rethread a zipper pull
I saw some nice zipper pulls in Anna Patchwork and bought a pack of 4 (RM2.00) and was hoping one of the zips I have at home will work with them..   hehehe..  it fits very nicely with the metal zip (actually only the pull is metal, but that is how the shop people call it).
Here are the tutorials on how to do it:  

2) Hemming & corners
I have another cornering issue ( :) ), how to mitre the corners when I hem, and finally I found this useful tutorial!

3) Attaching Magnetic Snaps
I fear that the area where the snap is attached to, is easily torn....  so, have been researching and found these solutions:

(i) Use Interfacing to strengthen the snap area :

(ii) Use plastic canvas to strengthen the area

But where to buy this?   
I have seen suggestion of using transparent plastic sheet used in A4 book binding, I will look around at home to find something similar.
Updated 31 July:  should bend the prongs inward like (iii) so that they don't tear the fabric if you are not using a plastic canvas.

(iii) Use canvas,  felt or fabric scraps (double layer though)

4) Cutting and ironing Fusible interfacing
Craftpassion shared this tip:

To read this tip, you need to know what are warp and weft.  I don't know what they are and have to look them up:

Excerpt from wikipedia:
"The warp threads run lengthways on the piece of cloth, and the weft runs across from side to side, across the bolt of cloth."

In short, the warp & weft of your fabric & interfacing should be cut & place so that they are opposite like the right image, this help maintain the shape of the wallet.

5) Attaching Bias Tape
I have been wondering when we attach bias tape, what do we do at the corners.
deng... deng...

6) Making Bias Tape
This does not use a bias tape maker... Just fold the strip into half iron, and then half again for the left, iron, and do the same for the right...

I was looking at bias tape makers and they are not cheap..  about RM30 - RM40 each and you need different makers for different sizes.
I was hoping I could DIY myself and found this nice idea! DIY bias tape maker from a long needle, very creative.

But if you make bias tapes so often, probably good to invest one.  In case you wonder how it works..:) like me, check this out:

7) Making internal zipper pocket

(ii)   (in mandarin but a picture says a thousand words.. :) )

-- I like the idea of sewing the 4 sides before turning the fabric... easier to manage.

8) How to sew nice even seam allowances or top stitching

9) Top Stitching Tips
(Thanks to Mila for sharing this.)

10) How to make smooth curves and sharp corners

My search continues... will be updating this page while I find the tips & tricks.. Stay tuned..

Dear Crafters of the above links,
Thank you very much for sharing these useful tutorials,  let me know if you don't want to be linked..  Sorry that I didn't first ask for permission...


Mila@Rimbun said...

the DIY bias tape is really cool. never think of it.

Anic said...

want to save money mah... i have only recently caught the sewing bug and already buying so many things... :) better DIY whenever i can. :)

meena said...


boleh buat tutorial tntg jenis2 interfacing dan fungsi setiap interfacing? baru nak berjinak dgn dunia jahitan (purely to save money and learn to reused and repurpose everything) so memang tak tau apa itu interfacing. thanks alot. btw love this blog. sgt2 memberi ilmu kpd semua. SYABAS .

Jamilah said...

Hi Anic...
cantik tuh...letak kat beg cun !!!
huhuhu... tak buat wallet pun ...tapi end up ngan beg..jemput jalan2 tengok..nak wat wristler,tapi material tuh??? tengok org punya cantik ja...kita cuma ada kain cotton jepun tu aja..

Anic said...

Hi Meena,
I love to reuse & repurpose.. that is the way to go, less gabbage generated for the world..

I also love to save money.. :) when there is saving, give me lots of inspiration to DIY. :)

I also want to learn about interfacing, if I get a chance to do some research on it, will certainly share.

Thanks for the kind words, I see sharing as a way of serving the community.. :)

Hi Jamilah,
Your work is pretty.. I just went to look.
Keep up the semangat.. and good work. :)

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