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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DIY Cloth Pad - Part 3 (Tutorials)

One more cloth pad for my sister inlaw..  another type of stitch.  Having fun trying out the stitches. :)  Can't afford to do this for all pads though and not sure if it would be comfortable to wear...

For those who would like to DIY cloth pads,here are a few good resource sites:

To learn more about Cloth Pads:


Mila@Rimbun said...

really teruja dengan ur posting on CP.. I have added ur blog in my list.

yesterday I sew my first CP.. will share later in my blog hihihi... not really puas hati but at least I have done one n learn..

this one really nice, siap ada embroidery lg tuh hihii

Lynn Nasir said...

salam kenal,

suka tgk variety pad yg handmade, spashly yg embroidery one :) good job!

p/s: ni ke blog yg kak mila teruja tu..hehehe! :)))

Anic said...

Hi Mila, happy to see you again.. and thank you for linking me in your blog... :) I am especially happy to see that you have sewn one! Keep up the semangat for sewing cloth pad and spreading the news.. Good for our health and environment.. :)

It also feels really good not having to depend on disposable pads.. :)

Hi Lynn, salam kenal and thanks for paying me a visit.. :)
I need to make many more cloth pads.. :) I think reusable menstrual products is a great idea and having actively spreading the news...

Lynn Nasir said...

hi Anic,

i have about 20 pieces of CP now, but ahh..i think i need more :D

i handmade them all, so i guess being creative about the source is the key :) i didn't have the fancy snap buttons or PUL. so far, i survived with my :)

did yours water-proofed? oh and thank you so much for the link on cari forum. appreciate it :)))

Anic said...

I sewn these cloth pads to encourage friends & relatives who are doubtfull of cloth pads, so I water proofed them, don't want them to have bad experience with leaking.

To save PUL material, I have made just a layer of PUL & flannel without wing for friend. It is then used in between of any non water proofed pad & undie, then a user just need to have a couple of these boosters. There is also a simple pocket design that users could just create inserts from material at home. Will post these pictures.

zilozz79 said...

saya baru nk berjinak dgn dunia handmade especially CP n sanggup beli mini sewing machine kat susah juga nk cari bamboo fleece n pul (waterproof fabric) ada idea x utk xchange ngan material dh cuba dgn baby plastic tie-pant tp susah bebenor nk jahit...huhuhu.....tq sis

Anic said...

hi zilozz79, about replacement for bamboo fleece, you could use flannel or towel. for replacement for PUL, i have heard others who use velvet (which I think you can find from shop like kamdar). But there are online sellers for bamboo fleece & PUL and it is not difficult to buy them.

Check out some of the online sellers here:

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