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Friday, July 16, 2010

DIY Cloth Pad - Part 5 (Insert Pad)

Another insert design cloth pad...  In case you wonder why I tried so many designs...  :)  I was trying to find a design which is easy to sew, lower cost, easy to dry and allow users to reuse material at home such as Towel, T-Shirt, etc.

The left most is the pocket without water proof, middle is the insert which is to be folded into 3 and the right most is the PUL booster.

Instead of sewing the inserts, wash cloths or towel handkerchiefs can be used as inserts..  :) I thought this should be good for ladies without a sewing machine at home.

With PUL Booster inserted between the pad and panty if required...   The same PUL booster can be used with other non water proof cloth pads.

Too many cloth pad posts?  Maybe I should start posting about my other interest, soap making...  :)

New to cloth pads?  Please see my other cloth pads post.


Lynn Nasir said...

hi anic,

setuju sangat with your handkerchief/wash cloth idea as insert/soaker. kat tesco ada jual jenis microfiber. very cheap! ^^

i just made 6 more pads few hours ago..i wish i have the fancy embroidery machine too..

Anic said...

hi Lynn, Thanks for the info about Tesco ada jual microfiber... Should get some for my sister in law, save me jahit more pads for her.. :)

This lady at ETSY did this embroidery using basic sewing machine:

Mungkin you can try.. :)

Mila@Rimbun said...

wah ada 5th version plak. emmm I have been thinking about this type also. so that tak perlulah banyak sgt CP.. enough with 2 or 3 booster... some more the booster akan lebih cepat kering

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