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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wallet Project - Part 4 (Wallet completed)

Continue from Wallet Project - Part 3...

Finally I decided to use the same fabric as bias tape..  I couldn't find anything that looks matching from my stash of fabrics (not that I have many).

What I learnt from this project:

1)  Before pressing the snap button, should make a very small hole using eyelet punch.   I have also strengthened the snap area with an additional layer of fabric.

These 2 tutorials in combination give me a complete picture of attaching snap button:

(i) - this show the step of puching a small hole clearly.  For Brother sewing machine owner, you should already have a eyelet punch in the set of tools came with the sewing machine.

(ii)  (found alternatives for snap tool 1 & 2, check out you maybe overjoy with good price).

2)  Baste the bias tape before sewing, though it takes a bit more time, but the result will be a lot neater.  Actually anywhere which it is hard to sew, it will make it a lot easier, rather than trial and error using the machine.

3) Cut the interfacing piece smaller than the fabric.  See

4) If one section is not sewn properly, remove the thread carefully and sew again... :)  Don't give up...  :)

Though the inside is not very well sewn, I am still quite satisfy with the wallet.. first time, can't ask for too much..  :)

Most techniques mentioned in were helpful in completing this wallet.

My next project, turning this T-Shirt into a bag for my sister-inlaw.   Not as exciting as making a wallet, but I am a big fan of recycling, so, must do.. :)

Bye now..


Lynn Nasir said...

i think bias tape from the same material is good and matching enuf :)

Anic said...

:) Thanks.

I have even made bias tape of other fabric but ended using this one. :) Would like to leave the flower as bright as it can be..tak sampai hati.. :)

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