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Monday, August 2, 2010

Sewing Notions 4 - Metal Snap Button Tool

Hi all,

I have a set of metal snap button tool kit and I am happily using it to attach snaps to my work.

How to use?   Links are shared after the list of suppliers

However, I found other alternative suppliers and couldn't resist..   I have to share the available options I found so far:

0) Craft Buddy
Tool kit for snap button 633 with 2.5mm eyelet punch, RM18 per set - no snap buttons included.

A set of 3 pieces of metal plus 10 snap button sets - RM50 per set (3 sizes, not sure exactly the diameter).

25 snap buttons at RM10.   This is the first snap button tool set I found and bought, though not the cheapest in the market, but I appreciate it that I found it easily and no need go searching for it...

Same set as (1) but without any snap buttons:  (RM28 per set but take note that it does not include any snap buttons.)

(I think 831 is for snap size 15mm, 633 is for size 12mm)

This site also has all the different sizes of eyelet punch (tool to make a hole) that you may need at affordable price.  A 2mm eyelet punch at RM2.5.

I have a 2-in-1 Eyelet Plier for Punch & Eyelet and I tried to punch a hole in fabric using it and it didn't get through, so I bought an eyelet punch of 4mm from this site.  I am a bit regret with this eyelet plier as I really prefer hammering rather than pressing using my hand!  My hands don't have so much strenght. 

3) Kawaii Station - sold out (updated 15 May 2011)
It has several attractive options.   If I haven't bought anything, I may have gone for this complete tool set:  (this include 2 sizes of snap tools, eyelet as well and some other stuff that I haven't worked out what it is for.)

Of course you could also go for just one size snap tool:  (RM28 per set, again doesn't come with snap buttons)

These tools don't look like the same material as in No 1) & No 2).

4) My handmade station - sold out (updated 15 May 2011)
This site provides snap button and the cover has some design (not the smooth type).   Snap button tool with 5 snap buttons and postage included at RM28.  Check it out at :

It also has tool for prong snap button though all sold out now:

5) Sewing Life 
2 pieces 13 mm snap tool at RM7, check it out (sold out):

13 mm snap button:

Snap prong buttons are available from for the price RM5 per packet of 6 buttons.


Ok.. for those who don't know how to use snap tool, please see here:
1) (Remember to make a hole first, before attaching the snap. A reminder as this tutorial does not show this step)

2)  (In mandarin, but a picture says a thousand words.. :) )

A big thank you to the link owners for sharing the knowledge....


I have listed the prices for your convenience; please do not scold the suppliers with higher prices as the quality of the goods and their cost maybe different.

Bye now and I wish you a happy day today...



Mila@Rimbun said...

Hi.. I got my snap button tool sets last week from zila kassim.. jenuh mencari tutorial kat internet, dengan slow connection kat rumah.. geram betul. At last, dah pandai.. dengan mengorbankan satu button hahahhaa. I take it as a learning cost. I use small hammer to attached it, and I used hujung gunting untuk tebuk lubang, but have to be extra careful.
I have also contacted Nana on the snap button refill, the stock is not available now, but she has reordered it.

Anic said...

Hi Mila,

I left you a message at the other post, but i think maybe you didn't see it. I think you have you brother sewing machine? Or i got it wrong? :)

Here is my original message at:

Hi Mila,
For applying snap, ketuk a small hole with the eyelet punch you get with Brother sewing machine. The last time, I didn't do it and the fabric was torn a bit and weaken.

Just in case you haven't thought about it..

Rupa eyelet punch is like this:

Anic said...

:) and congratulations for self learnt snap attaching... DIY queen don't even need to see tutorial.. mamang bijak...

Mila@Rimbun said...

wow.. a diy queen.. such a big word.
Yes I do have the eyelet punch.. but you need to put extra strength kan... in order to punch it (dont know actually, never use it) so just use that sharp gunting hahaha. or else penetas benang pon ok jugak kut. but I will definitely try it out after this.. kut2 lebih ok dari guna gunting kan..

Anic said...

yes... diy queen... your wallet project is a good testimonial... :) didn't give up, keep trying. :)

the eyelet punch lebih bagus, i tried gunting before but like the punch better. just put newspaper or magazine yang tak mau below the kain, then ketuk with hammer, the hole is small and very neat! :) the button go through the hole nicely.

Penetas benang is another good idea kalau tak ada eyelet punch. Tapi if you have eyelet punch, use it and you will love it :) (small hole one not the big one).

Nana said...

thanks dear for advertised for me in your lovely blog ^^

You are soo nice dear ~

Anic said...

:) I am hoping that this information help other crafters..

I have problem finding them, so probably the same for others..

Cinda said...

Great blog! Thanks for the advise and looking forward to future post.

Anic said...

Hi Cind,
Glad that you find the information useful..

Warmest regards,

Umi E-ca (Sms@017 - 3 3 1 0 4 0 5) said...

Hi anic, i am thanking u for the complete info.. i m a new comer too, like to search info thru internet too.. when i came across your blogh... i was sooooo happy... just like found a new dictionary...tq dear...

Anic said...

Hi Umi.. you are most welcome.. :) happy to share.. :)

Rosh said...

hi Anic,

thanks for the info & the links especially on how to use the tool. I bought Snap Button 633 ToolKit (without buttons)at RM18 per set from Mimosa ( & am quite clueless on how to use it. Really appreciate the knowledge. Can't wait to use it.

Anic said...

Hi Rosh, Thanks for sharing the link.. :) will add it to the list.. :)

eiela said...

susah betul nak cari snap tool button nih

Snap Button said...

This is a great list of snap button suppliers and directions for using the tool - good work! Metal snap buttons are extremely versatile and it's always nice to see them used in certain ways.

- Steve

Snap Button said...

This is a great list of snap button suppliers and directions for using the tool - good work! Metal snap buttons are extremely versatile and it's always nice to see them used in certain ways.

- Steve

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