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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sewing Notions 5 - Zip (for bags/wallets)

I see crafters use zips with very nice pull and was thinking where do they get them?  

Finally..  I went searching...

They came with nice pull rather than those boring ones I bought...  (see my other post:

But I found these sites where you can buy them from..  and of course there are probably more out there.  I will update the list when I find them.  --  available in 11 lengths from 10 cm to 40 cm

Good price, preorder and receive zips after mid August:  - Available in 7 lenghts from 10 cm (RM2.8) to 30 cm (RM4.2)

See what she has on her site...

Many zip pull choices.:

very nice but many designs no stock..  

I am collecting zips for my next few projects... :)

Hope this information helps those who are looking for nice zips.

Btw, if you know of other places, would be nice if you leave a message...  Thanking you in advance.. :)

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Sharifah Norizan Syed A Kadir said...

very cute the couple kissing each other.. :)

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