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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blogger Tips 1 - Spam Messages in cbox Message Box

Yesterday a similar message appeared in my message box on my blog:

I really don't like my message box being crowded by advertisement or spam messages as I may miss messages for me, so I login to cbox website and see if I could delete them.

I was delighted that I was not just able to delete the message, there was also a feature in cbox that I could block users.  Luckily cbox has enabled this for their free service.  See the following screen:
Tick the message/sender you would like to delete/ban, then click the Ban/Delete option on top.

To block a sender, you could also go to the "Blocked users" options, and add the sender there.

On the "Blocked users" screen, you could specify how long you would like the user to be blocked.  Choose the "Change expiry" option to do this.  The default setting is 1 week if you don't change it.

Please take note that, the blocking is done based on IP address, so when the users' IP address changed, then the user is able to post message again.

I think a better way could be using the filtering option, however this is only provided to paid service.  I could not access it and hence not able to check how it works.

In addition to the above, in case you are not aware, there are a few options on the Options screen that you may want to change them if you haven't.   The first thing I did was to change the length of the message allowed in the message box from 100 to 200.  That is the max for free service.

Not all options are available for the free service but I am happy with what it has offered.

Hope this help bloggers who are annoyed by spam messages.

Thanks to cbox for providing this service free.

Bye now...


Mila@Rimbun said...

suddenly I felt annoying with all the spam in my cbox.. and revisit your tutorial here hahaha

Anic said...

Glad that you find it useful.. :)

Anonymous said...

very nice,..

thank's for u share,...

Anic said...

Hi Planetto,

Glad that you find it useful. I hope you find the new post on Cbox useful for you too.

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