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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wallet Project - Part 5 (Another Wallet - Heavy cotton attempt)

Today I wanted to sew a wallet with heavy cotton..  half way through I realise that it will not work out.  It is just too thick for my wallet pattern.   Each side of my wallet that could be seen has a right side, this means that the zip pocket itself will have 4 layers of fabric.   I was thinking maybe I could use it as cover; even then it is too thick.  Oh well, so I ended using almost middle weight cotton for everything except 2 layers.   The wallet was too thick for turn & top stitch.  So I used seam instead to cover the sides.

I am not happy with the seam and will be removing it and re-sew.  

I also couldn’t do top stitch in perfect straight line and has gone looking for tips and found this :) :  (Thanks to the link owner for sharing this).

The zip was initially sewn nicely  in the middle of the pocket, but it ended up as the above, a bit to the right side as I have to cut away a couple mm to make all the layers even.

While I was happy with the result but when I checked the back... aiyoh..  so careless the back piece was accidentally sewn together with the zip.  I have to remove the thread and re-sew..  :(

The left are the heavy cotton pieces that I abandoned which were meant to use as cover.    In the process of making this wallet, I broke 2 sewing machine needles and lost a few drops of blood.  The needle accidentally poked my finger while I was basting the seam.  :(

I was wondering before what this little thing on the right picture is for, but now I have the experience of using it and found the name for it, the Thimble.

For more information on wallet making, please see my other wallet making posts.


Lynn Nasir said...

aiyoh totally went to war with the needles didn't you? :D

i broke 5 :p

tho i knew how to use thimble, but i never use it. didn't really fit my finger..hoho! ^^

Anic said...

:) hehe.. my first 2 broken needles on my new sewing machine.

I thought never mind, I have 10 packets of new needles from mydin. So plenty more to go.. :)

5 packets butterfly needles at RM3.2... Not sure the quality though.

Mila@Rimbun said...

I think heavy cotton was not really suitable for a small item project ie wallet... its more suitable for bag making..
I like you heavy cotton fabric.. very nice, beli kat mana?

When is ur next trip to Mydin.. lets go together hahaha

Mila@Rimbun said...

just sharing.. i found this wonderful tips on the net...

actually lots of other tips available there.. check it out..

Anic said...

Great link! Thank you, thank you.. I will add that to my collection of tips. :)

You are right about heavy cotton. I got the plain colour heavy cotton from:

Which mydin did you go? I normally go to the small mydin "my Mydin" near where I stay.

Mila@Rimbun said...

I normally go to the bigger mydin but not so near to where I stay.. hahaha.. (very confusing wording)... at Jln Masjid India.. sambil2 shopping kain kat Jakel/Nagoya/Kamdar

Anic said...

I belum lagi pro.. haven't been to Jakel/Nagoya/Kamdar there yet... Must try one day..

Jakel is even knew to me.

Thank you friend.. Learning a lot from you. :)

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