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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kitty Applique Coin Purse Project - Part 2 (Quilting Technique)

Finally I completed this kitty coin purse.  It was almost fully hand sewn except the seam which I sewn it with machine.  Regretted! :(   I looked at some other similar material craft work and the seam without stitch line shown is nicer..

My first piece of quilting craft.  As expected, work of beginner without quilting technique.  The thread was not pull tight enough and stitches length not even and too big.   Never mind.
Below are links I found useful but I read them too late:

A good overview on hand quilting

I learnt how to hide the knot from here.   Basically make a knot and then gently tug it through the first layer of fabric.

Haven't figured out if the technique shown could be used when a hoop is not used.  

I am now doing a blanket stitch to the side of the zip to make it neater....

Thanks to the above link owners for sharing their knowledge...

Previous post about this project:


Lynn Nasir said...

Hi Anic,

good morning :)

what a nice project u have here :D i am planning on doing some quilting stuffs also, but that have to wait till after raya la. hehe..quilting with hands is not easy. took a lot of time and patient. i admired u :D

next time you shop for diaper making fabrics (zorb, PUL, fleece etc) don't forget to tell me. hehe..i might join you :p

Mila@Rimbun said...

Hi Anic.. admire your lovely kitty there. Thanks for sharing the link.. surely will visit it one fine day.. after raya offcos

Anic said...

Hi Lynn, Mila,
Thank you. :)
It is fun to see how the work turned out. Highly recommend. :)
But, yes, patience... lots of patience. I lost it when I was sewing the seam.. hence machine but go back to hand sew for the zip and binding the sides. Luckily the purse is quite small.

There is a lot to do for Raya.. hobby has to be put aside. :)

Will certainly let you know if I shop for diaper making fabrics.. it will take awhile though before I shop again. Have quite a lot of material in hand at the moment. :)

Lynn Nasir said...

just realized..

i misspelled patience.. (^___^)'

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