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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blogger Tips 2 - Blogger Live Stats

Do you know who visits your blog?  which post is most popular?  where does the traffic come from?  which search keyword has sent them to you? which browser they use? which country they are from? etc.....

New feature added in July...  Blogger Stats

If you login to, you will see an additional tab added, the red circle below:

You don't have to configure anythig, just click the "Stats" and you will see your blog's traffic in near real time..

Really cool...

It is all quite self explanatory..  So, I won't explain more.   If you need help,  let me knew.   Have fun.

More information is available from:


MyBotanG said...

this is very useful.. thanks for sharing :D

Anic said...

Hi Sue,
:) You are most welcome..

Yeah, it is very useful and interesting.. Thanks to the Blogger team for adding this.

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