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Monday, July 18, 2011

Sew Along - Patchwork Wallet (Week 4)

All post related to this sew along, here.

Week 4 - 25th - 31st July (Putting everything together, Picture 11, 12, 13)

Cut 2 pieces of 9.5 CM (H) * 25 CM (W), add interfacing to 1 piece, wrong side facing each other, sew all around.   This is the back piece for  the  card compartments & zipper pocket.   Sew the pockets to the back piece and add 2.5 CM  (before ironing) bias tape to the top.   

Fabric piece for snap is made from 7.5CM * 5.5 CM.  

How to attach snap here
Attach the snap fabric piece to the outer fabric and attach bias tape of 4CM (width before ironing) all around.

For technique of attaching bias tape, please see tutorials I referred in my past post: No 5 of

Yipee...   :)  completed wallet...

Found a way of attaching the 2 ends of bias tape neatly but a bit more work, see step 5 in Google translated tutorial here:

Happy completing the wallet,
Anic :)


Mila@Rimbun said...

wow anic, u have finished with the wallet, I havent start the zippered pocket yet, still wondering on how to do it hehehe.. I am a bit blurr with the zipper actually. and thinking of how thick it is all together, wow scrarry

Anic said...

:) Hi Mila,

I did the zipper pocket twice... it became easier the second time... :)

It is actually not too thick. 1 side with interface and 1 side without. Happy to answer any queries you have.. :) Not that I am expert.. but after 2 times, ada sikit experience. :)

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