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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sew Along - Patchwork Wallet (Week 2)

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Week 2 - 11th - 17th July (Making card compartments, Picture 5, 6)

Create the card compartment as in picture 5, total size of the fabric for the card compartments should be 42 cm (H) * 11 cm (W) .  (42 cm is  longer than what we need, but better to have it slightly longer.)

You need to have the fabric print in top to bottom direction of the 42cm.   There is interfacing for this piece.  It should be a very very thin one (one which is almost transparent)....   If you don't have a thin one, then it maybe better not to add then adding...   The final size of the card compartments is 9.5 cm (H) * 10.5 cm (W).

Add a lining of the same size (9.5 cm (H) * 10.5 cm (W) to the back of the card compartments piece.   This piece does not need interfacing.

At the right side, add bias tape (tape width of 2.5cm before ironing).

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