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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wallet Project - 6

I made this wallet with pattern from a book I have and it turns out to be too big for normal use...

I figured I could use it as passport folder and there is more than sufficient room for 2 passports!  :)

There are also 6 card compartments and a compartment for notes..  Happy.  :)

The card compartments and the lining are of 1 piece of fabric.

See below tutorial for the technique of folding card compartments from 1 piece of fabric, the 4th image:

This tutorial is almost exactly the same pattern I used for my earlier wallet...  Didn't see this then.   If there is interest, I could arrange a sew along for the above tutorial...  :)

This time round, I have issues with attaching snaps nicely.  Finally I found out why. The snap buttons came with the tools and the additional snap buttons I bought actually are not the same size! The bright silver colour snaps work well with the tool but I couldn't attach the bronze ones nicely.. it works but it is difficult to unsnap.   The middle tool below insert nicely into the centre of bright silver snaps, but the other one missed by 1mm!

It is possible that I need other snap attaching tool to attach the bronze one...    The only way to figure this out is to buy the other tool which I don't have.   But now, I don't know if I have 633 or 831..  :(

Will report about this when I find out.

Bye now and have a good weekend,

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