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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brother Sewing Machine NV10 and NV90E on sales...

Price for NV10 is RM899 instead of RM1099, I think this is very good price..   this is now the price across all brother agents...

If you are thinking to buy a sewing machine, you could consider this..

Comparisons among a few brother models:

Price for NV90E is RM1499 instead of RM2999....  This is embroidery machine...  I want one...  :)

Warmest regards,


Suzie said...

Nak juga beli machine lagi satu tapi tengah fikir-fikir lagi.

Mila@Rimbun said...

jom kita together gether g angkut NV90 ni bawa balik hahhaa..
I plan to go this weekend but not to LSN, maybe to sewtech first, kalau offer kat situ ok, I mean other than the machine itself, then I will proceed to buy from sewtech jer. LSN jauh sgt

Anic said...

Suzie... happy fikir fikir.. :)

Mila, ok.. i made up my mind already. :) if you end up buying.. we can learn together.. :)

Rosh said...

nk tambah mesin satu lg but lately, no sewing done.... so have to postponed ler...:P

Anonymous said...

Hi Anic, Mila recommeded your blog to me. I plan to purchase NV50 appreciate if you could share with me the experience of using it.


Anic said...

Hi LK,

Someone asked me this question before and below is my reply to her and hopefully it helps you. In generally, I like the machine... but having said this, I have only used another machine before this...


Do you know why your friend said that? i suspect she meant kalau rosak susah nak repair.. it is not mechanical.. the traditional mesin jahit repair pak cik won't know how to repair. hopefully it is not so easily rosak. :)

I have used my mother's old mechanical sewing machine... in my view the modern machine is a lot easier to use and we can do fanciful stitches which old machine can't do. for example, creating button hole.., the newer machines, have 4 steps to create button holes (for lower series) or 1 step to create button holes ( this is really cool.. :) ). the old machine, i don't think we could do it easily.

Have you checked out the LSN discussion thread in Wanita Melayu forum?

I think the information shared there is quite useful.

There are cheaper models... but if you don't have a budget issue, I think NV50 is good choice as it is not much more expensive than NV30.

I bought mine from LSN and I got a 5% discount cuopon from the above forum...

Hope this help.

Warmest regards,

----- Original Message -----
hi anic.
i am looking sewing machine. FYI im still new beginner in sewing stuff. so do u think its ok if i buy nv-50? my friend said that computerised sewing machine could be 'susah' to handle. is that true?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anic. By the way, did you face any problem when using thick fabric (several layers especially when you sew bag/wallet?)


Anic said...

Hi, so far no problem when making bags/wallets... but i know there are machines which could handle thickness better than this... For example, I don't think NV50 could handle 8 layers of jeans... See here: I have tried 4 layers of jeans and 2 layers of denim... it barely sewn through..

Anonymous said...

Hi Anic, thank you very much for your valuable advice. LK

Miya Asri said...

hi anic.. need yr advice, please ..

previously i hv set my mind on purchasing NV50. but when brother having sale on NV90E & NV10, i cant make up my mind.

a friend told me it's better to grab these 2 sewing machines (NV90E & NV10) instead just NV50. the reason is, i can still doing my embroidery on NV90E while I'm sewing straight stitches with NV10 at the same time.

what's your advice Anic ?

Anic said...

Dear Miya,

Have you sewn much in the past? The price of the current NV10 is certainly very attractive.. The difference of NV10, NV30 & NV50, from the comparison table above, looks like mainly in the number of stitch types. We could have all the stitch types in the world in our machine, but we may not use all of them.. So NV10 is not bad.. Assuming you want to stitch a long line of nice stitches with the same stitch type in both NV10(30 or 50) & NV90e, The sewing machines could do a better job than NV90e. The area of what NV90e could sew on is small (10"x4" - this is more than sufficient if you need to do logo, etc, you need to change the area to stitch to achieve bigger area). The sale of NV90e will still go on for awhile.. I suggest you buy a sewing machine first, and then decide if you want to buy the embroidery machine if you are not sure if you need a embroidery machine. But if you think you will definitely need a embroidery machine (for bus or hobby?), then you compare the different types of embroidery machines (if you haven't already done so) before buying... you may still ended up buying NV90e, but at least you know the pro & cons of buying a NV90e...

Shara said...

Hi Anic, u mentioned NV90E ada sale. Kat mana yer? Sampai bila?

Anic said...

Hi Shara,

I think all agents who sell Brother will have the same promotion. It is promotion by Brother.

Here are two sellers I know:
1) LSN
- and their website:

2) Sewtech

I have bought from LSN but not Sewtech.

I think the sales is till sometime in Sept, but check it out..

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