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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sew Along - Patchwork Wallet (Week 1)

Let's sew along... :)

Sharing the notes for week 1 - 4th - 10th  July (Creating the outer piece, Picture 2, 4 & 4)

Please note that 0.7cm seam allowance has been added to the outer fabric pieces in the picture.

The author's suggestion is to add batting & fabric interfacing to the outer fabric.  First layer, outer fabric, followed by batting (the thinner the better.. :)  mine is < 1.5mm), then fabric interfacing (just a thin one will do).   The thickness is my suggestion.. :)  Not by the Author...  in case I suggested wrongly, don't want to affect the author's reputation.   :)  Quilt as you like.  :)   Then cut the piece into the size of  11 cm (H) * 25 cm (W).  

Actuall, you could do any type of patchwork to get the final outer fabric of size of 11 cm * 25 cm, so you can have fun using up your scraps..  :)

The pieces of scrap you like most should form the right side of the outer fabric, so that it will be facing you when the wallet is closed.   

I didn't think about this earlier...  and now the side I was planning as front will be at the back:

Scrap from MyBotang
I found if I follow the sizes of the pieces in the tutorial,  some pieces are bigger than what we need...  I memang kedukut.. :)  So, I just made the pieces sewn together give me the final size about 1-2 cm bigger then 11 cm (H)  x 25 cm (W).   :)  and I just added the pieces as I liked..  :)  

Attach the button piece.  The button piece could be made from fabric, no need to buy lather made if you don't have one.. :)  If you are making the button piece from fabric, this can be attached later, but you will need to attach the snap on one side first.  

Snap location at 2.5 CM from right
If you are making your own fabric piece for snap,  snap location on the outer fabric is 2.5 cm from the right side.    After you have attached the snap on the outer fabric, then sew  a piece of lining of the same size to the back of the outer fabric.

The fabric piece for the other side of the snap button is 5.5 CM * 7.5 CM.    Fold into half (5.5CM into half), right side inside.  Then sew the side seam, iron open the seam, place the open seam in middle and iron the 2 sides.  Sew one end and turn right side out. Top stitch.  Add the other side of snap.  Keep this for later use.


THE SEWING EDGE said... yang best buat make it up as you go along..apa2 size scraps pun bole selit hard and fast rule..Tapi yang batting and interfacing menakutkan..tebal maa

Anic said...

:) Yeah.. fun putting the pieces together.. I think the batting I used not so thick.. i tried to measure about 1.5mm...

Mila@Rimbun said...

havent done anything yet.. tgh concentrate nak siapkan baju kurung sulam.. I will catch up with u later, maybe next week :)... timba ilmu from all of u first

Anic said...

:) tak apa Mila.. take your time..

Lynn Nasir said...

mana ada kedukut..u murah hati la Anic :D

Anic said...

Hi Lynn,

Long time no speak.. thanks for the kind words. :)

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