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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wallet Project - 7

I made another wallet...  this is the third one in a row...  :)

I like the fabric very much..  They are fabrics of 20*25cm I bought from China website.

Really challenging making this one.  It has 8 card compartments, 2 notes compartments and a zipper pocket for coins:

One useful thing I learnt, Adjustable Zipper Foot is handy in sewing bags, and wallets...  If we use the multipurpose foot, like the below, thick fabric get stuck at the black screw:

But if I use Adjustable Zipper Foot instead... the left side of the foot is clear, so no worries of fabric being stuck with the foot.   This idea came from Taiwanese Patchwork Crafter Alice Peng, who has published a few books.

Image borrowed from Internet

I have made 3 wallets in a row.  Here are the other 2.   I already found 1 owner for the second one below..   Thinking maybe I could organise a swap for the above and the below wallets..  :)

Have a good evening,


Vintage Coconut said...

Wow you make such beautiful things. These are VERY VERY CUTE!

Suzie said...

Suka juga warna pink ni ..

Anic said...

Thank you... :)

Wilmax said...

Beautiful!! I love handmade product!!

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