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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sew Along - MyBotang Appliqué Project..2

Previous post about this:

I found other interesting links...   The previous links I found were using Satin Stitch but I think the concepts apply to straight stitch for going round corners, circle etc..

Here is a nice video tutorial using straight stitch with raw edge:

------Oh... it looks so useful to have a walking foot..   I want one..  :)

Another useful video with the details of cutting fusible web and ironing:

Other nice video tutorials of machine applique with hiding edges for future projects :) :


Some real work:
I have the pattern cut out already..   Just on normal paper...   aiyah... actually,  I could have traced the pattern directly on fusible web which is what we supposed to do...

I have the habit of cutting out patterns and then use that to trace on fabric... (for hand sewn applique).

Cut not exactly the way the pattern was printed... added my own taste.. :)

Presser foot which I may use...  if not just the normal foot:

The tutorial said we could use either very light or very dark background...   I am going to try a dark one, hope it turns out well.   I want to make a blue bag.

A side note, anyone interested with the below little iron?  I saw it in one of the above videos, looks useful.  :)
Emma has it on her blog:

Emma doesn't have it in stock but if there are 5 units, she could help purchase.  It is RM78 each.  This is unconfirmed information, if there is interest, I could check.

Bye now and have a good weekend,


MyBotanG said...

waaaahhh this is really helpful.. thanks for sharing Anic, I'm yet to rummage through my stash for suitable fabrics... Love the dark background, it will make the applique POP!!!

玮晴 said...

nice ! you always share many information with us! thanks.
But Where can I get the fusible web and freezer paper?

NYKOLETT said...

Thanx Anic,your info really helps for newbies like me..i just printed out the pattern..long way to go and catch up will you alls..hihihi

Anic said...

Hi Sue...
Thanks.. :)
I read the tutorial again.. just realised it also mentioned about dark background... didn't pay enough attention before..

Hi 玮晴,
I have once seen freezer paper in a DIY shop. The fusible web, I bought it from Craft World in SS2, the brand of steam-a-seam-2, very costly. Half meter/yard about RM13.45 and the width is only 30cm. Freezer paper should be more economical. Could add it to your items to sell. :)

Hi Nykolett.. your sewing skill is so good... you will pick this up at no time.. :)

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