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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sew Along - MyBotang Appliqué Project..1

So long...  I didn't sew...   There are other things which have higher priority..   When I am not doing something, I don't usually say I don't have time..  as I know it well that it is due to lack of priority given..  i.e.  if I could give something the priority, there will be time..  :)

Anyway,  I need a good push to sew something,  I decided to join Sue's sew along.

A perfect opportunity to:
1) Try out machine applique - em.. don't have applique foot-lah...
2)  Use the Steam-a-seam-2 I bought looong time ago from SS2 Craft World, quite pricey... I like Mila's way.. use interfacing and glue.. :)
3) Clear some fabric scraps..
4) Sew another bag,  planning to turn the applique into a bag....

My research before I start the project:
1) How to use steam-a-seam-2 
I watched the 3rd video on this page.

2) Machine Applique techniques 
---  Don't have Applique foot then use what erh?  
Read more about why applique foot is good:,

I am going to just try open toe foot or the the normal foot..  let's see how it goes.. :)  I think the presser foot shown in the picture of Sew, Mama, Sew page is an open toe foot.

---  Some tips on how to stitch applique:
See point 11 of

--- Tips of sewing corners, circles, squares:

Though the page use a satin stitch but I think the concept applies to straight stitch...

Good tips from the same link:
"Use your fingertips to guide the fabric. Regardless of how fast or slow you sew, too much pressure on the fabric prevents it from moving easily under the needle."

Preparation of material...  will report when my AA batteries are charged again...

Bye now..


nisa said...


i like the way u detailed out everything.. thanx 4 the useful link.. n luv all ur work.. can't wait to see ur finish work on this... gud luck...

MyBotanG said...

wow!!! thank you for the various links.. will check them out when I come to the different stages of the sew along..

I also found out about hand sewing applique technique called needleturn.
In case anybody wants to give it a try..

Mila@Rimbun said...

thinking of going to Craftworld and see the steam a seam myself... probably buy half meter emmm..

Anic said...

Nisa, glad that you like it. :)
I am still gathering the fabrics.. hard to decide what to use as background.. doesn't seem to find something suitable..

Hi Sue, thanks for the link. needleturn technique is useful.. My favourite for hand-sew applique. Another link here:

Hi Mila, :) good idea... but keep your wallet shut tight.. :)

MamaDaniel said...

wow.. thanks for sharing all the detailed info.. :D
selamat ber'applique'!

Anic said...

You are welcome, Zila.

Like the term.. :) Selamat ber'applique' to you too!

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