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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sewing Notions 14 - Scissors

The recent Sew Along - Mybotang Applique Project has inspired me to look at scissors.

I was using a big pair of scissors, the usual pair of scissors I used for cutting fabric, it was difficult for cutting small applique...  and my hand was painful..  :(

What scissors do you have?   Any recommendation of getting good and economy fabric scissors in Malaysia?

I started reading about scissors online and coincidentally, Applemama had bought Fiskars scissors from the US.

I asked my good friend "Google" and found some good reviews about Fiskars softouch scissors:

It uses a spring to automatically open the scissors and we just need to close our hand to cut.   It has ergonomic handles with soft rubber which cushion the grip.  Sound really comfortable to use.

But, where to buy locally?   I heard they are expensive here..  :(  

They are a lot cheaper in Joann.   Need to get a friend to buy...  :)
2) - apparently this is about RM150 here and it is about USD15 now in Joann.

If you are buying from Joann, check out coupon code to use here:

Other than Fiskars, there are also Kai & Gingher, someone was asking which is the best brand:

Here is a link which provide good overview of different grades of Scissors & maintenance etc:

Another article with lots of information about scissors (how to select your scissors?)

Interesting discussions about scissors:


Mila@Rimbun said...

wow... RM150 for a pair of scissor is quite expensive... and I have never done any research on scissors, many thanks for the info.
For the applique project, I only use a small scissors with sharp point that I bought from bunga reben, it cost me about RM5, if not mistaken. Normally I use it for feltcraft.

Sharifah Norizan Syed A Kadir said...

hi anic.. so many info when i 1st browse ur blog..
really like the way u share with others...

nice meeting u anic...:)

Anic said...

Hi Mila, I agree.. RM150 terlalu mahal.. Buying from Joann is only USD15. :) Good idea to use sharp point scissors. I have a pair for cutting fringe, I should try that... :)

Hi Pah, nice meeting you.. :) will sure check out your blog... you started 2008... far ahead.. :)

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