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Friday, April 22, 2011

Cloth Pad Giveaway - Earth Day 22nd April 2011

Dear all,

It is Earth Day on 22nd April... I am doing a Cloth Pad Giveaway, to enter:

1) Visit and find something you could pledge and leave a comment to let me know  ----- gives you 3 chances
2) Leave a comment in this post  -----gives you 1 chance
3) Spread the news in your blog and leave a comment here ----- gives you 2 chances

The PRIZE will be 1 LINER and 1 REGULAR (about 9") cloth pad.  
The regular pad will have bamboo fabric/Zorb as core and top with one of the below flannel I bought from

Updated 22-April, I have cut the material for the top.  I hope the winner will like the prints.  :)
Updated 23-April, the pads are ready...   :)

Deadline is 24th April 11:59 pm Malaysia time.    I will use a random generator to pick the winner on 25th April.

International entries are welcome...

What we could do to help the world...  even small things will help:
1) Use reusable menstrual products..  of course this is first in my list..  :)
2) Switch of the tap while brushing.
3) Lower my use of bottled water/ beverages.
4) I will turn off the lights if I dont need them.
5) Stop buying plastic water bottles.
6) I will use rechargeable batteries.
7) Never leave my laptop ON when I'm not using it.
8) I walk up the staircase to my apartment instead of using the lift..  (luckily my apartment is low floor, lol )
9) I do not use harmful soap & laundry detergent.
10) I pack food using my own containers.
So many things we could do...   check out to find more ideas:

Updated 24 April, participant list:
1) Ms M
2) Ms M
3) Ms M
4) Ms M
5) Mila
6) Mila
7) Mila
8) Mila
9) Mila
10) Honey & Butter
11) Honey & Butter
12) Vintage Coconut
13) Noen
14) Noen
15) Noen
16) Noen
17) Noen 
18) Myluv-Sylvia
19) Myluv-Sylvia
20) Myluv-Sylvia
21) Myluv-Sylvia
22) Myluv-Sylvia

Bye now,


Ms. M said...

I pledge to:

1. Use fabric shopping bags rather than plastic.
2. Plant veggies on my garden.
3. Recycle papers, cans, & bottles at my house.

fablanche3petal at gmail dot com

Ms. M said...

Hope luck is with me. I think its time for me to use reusable pads also. It good for the environment and I can also save money. Thanks for this giveaway.

fablanche3petal at gmail dot com

Anic said...

Hi Ms. M, thanks for being the first one to leave a comment... Good luck to you... :)

Mila@Rimbun said...

Wanna join also..

my pledge: try to remember bringing my own bag when going for shopping, not only on Saturday (I dont know why is it so hard to remember, but will automatically remember when it is saturday).

Anic said...

Mila... wow.. 5 chances for you to win.. thanks for joining.. :)

Honey & Butter said...

hi anic....thanks for doing this giveaway... ur blog is an inspiring one.. can see that u r doing everything with lots of love---> that's why the end product is always amazing!

my pledge reduce tissue usage.. opt for handkerchief instead... ;)

Vintage Coconut said...

Those fabrics are so cute!
VERY NICE work Anic.

NoEn said...

hye anic, wanna join also

I pledge to:
1.bring my own reusable shopping bag to the store(tp selalu la lupa..huks)
2.turn off the light or power if i don't need them
3.Tanam sendiri sayur kat belakang rumah (baru jer tanam..belum ad hasil T_T )

Myluv-Sylvia said...

hi dear anic..
I wanna join also. =)

I pledge to:
1. use cloth pad after my child birth
2. use cloth pad for my new born baby.
3. use handkerchief to reduce tissue usage.

Anic said...

Hi Honey & Butter, thank you.. :) Have you tried cloth pad before? If not would like to send you one. I too use handkerchief...

Hi Vintage Coconut, thank you. :) How was your trial with cloth pad? :)

Hi NoEn,
Yeah.. it took me awhile to get used to bring shopping bag.. now I keep some bags in my car, 1 in my handbag.. make it easier.. as sometimes our shopping is not planned.. Good luck to your tanam sayur.. it is quite fun.

Hi Myluv-Sylvia,
Very happy to see another lady switching to cloth.. Will certainly post you a liner for you to try out..

Honey & Butter said...

Anic, I haven't tried any cloth pad before.. I'm looking fwd to experience it ♥

btw, i prefer to use shopping bag rather than carrying things in plastic bag. Because shopping bags are prettier! Haha

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