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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Green Idea 4 - Plastic Bags & Shopping Bags

I started using shopping bags awhile a go but I still have some plastic bags from before..   And sometimes, when I forgot to bring my own shopping bags, I collected some new ones...  :(    (see at the end of this entry on how to organise plastic bags.)

To avoid forgetting,  I now keep a shopping bag in my handbag.    It is very small when folded and doesn't take up much space in my handbag.   I bought it at Guardian, about RM6 (I think).   But you could sew one...

When open up, quite big.. carry quite a lot of things.

Repurpose pillow case as shopping bag:
I have this unused pillow case and turned it into a shopping bag...   Quite happy with the result.

Another shopping bag added to my handbag.  :)

Useful way of organising plastic bags:
If you have lots of plastic bags at home, fold them neatly and keep a few in your bags and many in your car.  :).  There are many ways of folding them.

1) Triangle (my favourite) : 
How to do:

Bye now,


Vintage Coconut said...

Great idea to fold the plastic bags and put them everywhere they would be put to use. I made a few t shirt bags which were very easy and cost next to nothing to make.

Mila@Rimbun said...

Good idea on the plastic bag, sometime we need to have at least one or two plastic bag in our shopping bag, especially to put in the wet item like fish, meat etc...
thinking of making an new green shopping bag, but the one I had, most of it a free gifts are a lot.. sampai tak terpakai dah..

Anic said...

Hi Vintage coconut,
Making shopping bags from T-Shirt is great idea...

Hi Mila,
Kalau sampai tak terpakai, can share with friends if you see them still using plastic bags.. :)

I started practicing refuse & reduce also... rather than just recycle..

The complete green idea is Refuse, reduce, reuse, and then only recycle.. :)

minah_stapler said...

I've been folding plastic bags for a while now. Find it really useful as it is so small and handy. Easy to store and to keep a few in my bag.

Also just got a similar shopping bag as above. Free when I bought Whiskas cat food hee...

Anic said...

Hi Minah,

Yeah.. the folded plastic bags are a lot easier to deal with... :)

Thanks for sharing your experience..

SaiRam S said...

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