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Monday, April 25, 2011

Cloth Pad Giveaway - Earth Day 22nd April 2011 (THE WINNER)

Thanks to all who participated and it is inspiring to see what you do to help the earth.

The winner is Ms M!  Congratulations!

She has won:

I would like to send a liner (different print) to all participants who have not tried cloth pad.  They are:
1) Noen
2) Myluv-Sylvia

Honey & Butter, can't tell from your comment if you have tried cloth pad, if you haven't please email me your home address.

Thank you!


NoEn said...

Congratz Ms M!
and thanks anic for the liner :)
emailed to u already

Mila@Rimbun said...

Congrat to the winner, hopefully they like it and inspired to change to CP in the future

Myluv-Sylvia said...

woo.. congrat Ms. M
also.. thank you very much for the liner.
I lap u... hehehe...
.. i already emailed to u...

Ms. M said...

Thanks Anic. The prints are great!

Dulantha said...

Many congratulations..........

Always promote environmental friendly things

Anic said...

Hi Sylvia,
Ok thanks.
I have copied the address and deleted the add. :)

Myluv-Sylvia said...

thanks anic.. :)

Anic said...

Honey & Butter said...
wow... congrats Ms M..
hehe..Anic..ur still giving me chance to try?
awesome! i haven't tried any..

i'm giving u my add here:
TQ Anic!

Hi Honey & Butter, thanks for the add, will send you a liner.. :) But will take a few days.. Need to sew more..

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